Description This assignment is an exercise in how we look at the personal growth of understanding art. We all react to art intuitively and without formal lessons. This assignment we will be begin the semester and end the semester with a simple exercise in observation of art. During the semester, we will not only learn to look at art in different ways, but in also different ways of thinking about art. At the end of the semester, we will revisit the observation exercise to understand how much of our collective understanding has changed. Artwork can be any sort of constructed object to be considered for its appearance as well as its meaning. 

This Assignment is divided into two parts. 

Visit an established art museum in person (I highly suggest the Dallas Museum of Art) with ample time. Allow yourself to not feel rushed in the assignment. Wander the galley space and stop at a single work of art that resonates with you, explore a bit first! Set a timer for 5 minutes and begin to actively observe the work of art. There is no other guidance for this part of the exercise. 

When the time is up. Take a picture of the work and its plaque or information card. Take out a notebook (or a note app) and begin to jot down anything and everything you are thinking related to this slow looking exercise. 

You will submit the images and the text as written (500-700 words) I will not be grading for grammar, however, be clear with your language) onto blackboard| Home → Assignments → “Before”. Images and text files should be in placed in a word document in a  .docx file.


Start the project off on the right foot. Commit yourself to the project and give it your best effort. It will make things easier for you later on. 

Don’t be intimidated. Artwork can be enjoyed by anyone and there is no proper way to look at art, as well as there is no improper way of writing about art as long as it’s done so in earnest. 

Write clearly and cleanly. Do not try to “fluff up” the vocabulary. Write with a natural voice, as if you are talking to a close friend or relative.  

In addition – do not share your work with other students and please do not work on your paper with another student. This is considered plagiarism and will result in a failing grade for the entire class. 

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