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As a Christian it plays an important role in my life grateful am I how it changed my life. Back then when I was a child my family is living in immorality saying bad words then and now, unable to talk to their child calmly and like a follower of Satan. Before our family is too cramped and it pains me to remember that memory. Of course, it impact me as a child, was it really okay to do this, that? Before I don`t value my choices and decisions yet and how could it affect my life. I remember at the age of ten, imagine how young it is, I come with my Ate to go to different Barangays to Disco and that ate made me feel I was old enough, of course, my parents can`t handle me and I was the only child before and I really push what I want. I spend most of my time outgoing I even remember my mother locked the door because I got home late. How blessed am I for I haven`t tried to be in a relationship at an early age although I have some harmless text mates.

When I was enrolled in secondary school my Ate flew to Manila, so my best friend was gone which turned my life into silence. Which I focused more on studying, although I was really before, I doubled my effort I never left a spot as an Honor student I even graduated in elementary as valedictorian, and my achievement in life that although I`ve been that I never lose my interest in studying.

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It started when we came back to Lord to surrender our life again. Then our life turned out differently we found out the greatest value in life and that is Him. In you can live in happiness with God if you surrender your life to Him. I felt like when we knew Him our life became weightless and looked like things are way too easier to handle knowing you have Him in your life. Then again we started from scratch now our life is fulfilled.

In all of the sermons, my pastor said this is the one that stayed in my heart. ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied’ -Matthew 5: 6. In order to understand the Word of God you have to be thirsty first because if you`re not there`s nothing to drink. Bible is so wonderful, although I already heard different verses but, when you`re the one reading it feels like you`re reading a mystery.

As a student Bible plays an important role in my life. As I`ve told you what my life was before knowing God and now living through His words. Especially when I am in the darkness even with just a simple connection with Him feels like all is okay and you`ll overcome it. As much as possible I want to keep my connection with God for He enlightens my life. Analyzing the things I should do and not, Of course, I still make mistakes but, the first one I felt sorry for is God although He knew what I felt and he understands me. The Bible reveals everything all we have to do is to read it and live with it.

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