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I remember the words of the great APJ Abdul Kalam a pioneer of astro as well as nuclear physics, ‘If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance – then anything can be achieved.’One of the most important things that I have learnt in my life is that there is no end to learning, learning comes from observations and experiences, and these approaches are endless. Then, I started my journey of self-discovery whether it be from books, the internet, or from my mistakes and failures.

But the thing that fascinated me most was ‘Science’. Those who think science is in books examinations or laboratories are mistaken. Science is what you live. Science is how we think, reason, wonder, or question. Science is not a private limited of some scientists or science teachers. Science is for everyone to see and a way of understanding. All these phenomena or events taking place in front of our eyes are all science. How we see is also better understood by science. This is what keeps on increasing my demand to know more about the world and explore it with a scientific and innovative approach. This is how science became my passion.

Then I pursued Sciences in high school, I came across many new terminologies, phenomena, and theses but some of them made me very curious especially the ‘Mechanics’ part which comprises topics such as Thermal emissions and engines, Aerospace, Solid State, Mechanical properties of Solid and liquids, laws of Motion and relativity and Motion in a plane. I started reading reference books on them and learned these topics thoroughly; engaged myself in meaningful activities such as I was appointed as the secretary of the ‘Aero-modelling’ society and contributed to it; I along with my Physics teacher conducted and organized several qualified workshops on ‘Aerospace Engineering’ and successfully made a ‘Quadcopter’ and a ‘Hovercraft’ in the same. I also participated in the WGS Science Fest and stood second in the Science exhibition displaying a ‘Low-cost efficient Air condition using Bernoulli’s Principle’.

I have has been always more interested in Aerospace and its mechanisms, maybe, it’s because of my past experiences, as I come from a distant place where there’s no good education system. Thus, I was sent far away from my home to a residential school. Every time I used to travel to my home and back to school by airplane, so I had feelings and experiences attached to it- both bad and good.

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I clearly remember it was back in 2007 that I first traveled in an airplane, flying to Dubai with my parent for a vacation. My dad told me that during the entire journey of 6 hours, I kept looking out of the tiny window and asked various intriguing questions, which were left unanswered at that point. I also imitated the pilot, imagining that I was the one flying the airplane. The first thing that I did after getting off the plane was, I bought a model of an airplane and played day and night with it. I also dismantled it several times and tried to fix it on my own.

Our generation saw an immense development in the arena of Aerospace. The way ‘Boeing’ and ‘Airbus’ are dominating and uplifting the field to greater heights is amazing. This field has contributed mainly to easy transportation and global integration, and now the initiative of electrically powered airplanes by NASA will make traveling to distant places cheaper and fuel-efficient. Space traveling is becoming a new venture that could help boost the need for aerospace engineers and technology. Surveys have recorded that a need for more than 3500 planes would be generated within a decade for various functions.

The next thing that comes after passion and talent is diligence and perseverance. Talent cannot solely help you achieve your future endeavors. I have participated in a river rafting course in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand; a trekking course in Pachmarhi; Spiti Residential Service Project, Uttarakhand; qualified for the State Swimming Team; the school appointed me as the ‘School Prefect’ for the year 2019-20 and a member of ‘Social Service League’ and showed keen participation in same. I was appointed as Secretary and Join-Secretary of various recreational societies and clubs; for all these endeavors, I received the prestigious IAYP(Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) Gold and Silver awards.

I firmly believe that I will be a worthy candidate for being a part of your university and would use the given opportunity to maximize optimization. Your university would surely help me in pursuing my future endeavors in the most accomplished way.

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