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To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Psychology BA program and would like to express my strong interest and motivation. Psychology is my passion, it surrounds us and covers every aspect of our lives. I have been intrigued by the process of cognition since my early teenage years and am fascinated by the intricacy and mystery of the human mind. It is my dream to study psychology at university because I want to understand the subject in depth from multiple perspectives.

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Additionally, I am attracted to Psychology since it is an exceptionally varied discipline, which may be understood from both a biological and social viewpoint. For instance, investigations demonstrate that both hereditary characteristics and life experience influence people’s identity, so the two parts of Psychology need to cooperate to uncover facts about humans. I find this collaboration captivating. It likewise makes Psychology a fascinating subject which is extremely appealing to me since I am keen on numerous fields of this science, and I know that university courses will give me the opportunity to get the knowledge I seek. The course will broaden my skill set, satisfy my curiosity, and deepen my understanding of the human mind. My main desire is to help people and make the world better, I will definitely put all my efforts to use the university knowledge and experience for the benefit of society.

As a student from a school that offers the most academically challenging program in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev Intellectual School, I have learned the value of hard work and dedication, and I have worked tirelessly to ensure that I achieve excellent results to get a high-quality education. I am currently studying Biology, Mathematics, and English Language as my main school subjects (A-levels), all of them being substantially relevant to the course I am planning to take. Studying Biology has given me a chance to acquaint myself with the importance of the anatomy of humans, more precisely that genetics, hormones – the body’s chemical messengers have a significant impact on the behavior of people, as well as processes of the Nervous System which acts as our body’s personal computer, always collecting, sorting and reacting to all the surrounding data. Mathematics, especially calculus has honed my ability to solve problems and developed my critical thinking skills. Relating this to Psychology, the main purposes of therapy are identifying issues, finding reasons for patients’ dissatisfaction, and the development of the treatment plan. Reading a variety of books and doing project work improved my advanced analytical and evaluative skills. Currently, I am reading ‘A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis’ by Sigmund Freud to support my understanding of theories and therapeutic techniques related to the study of the unconscious mind. Moreover, English language lessons are developing my verbal and written language skills, which are essential to being a well-qualified psychologist.

I am very enthusiastic to study Psychology in as much depth as possible, with an emphasis in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and intend to continue a future career in these fields. There are many qualities required to pursue a career as a competent Psychologist, which I believe I will gain and master throughout my time at university. I have a passion to help people. I know I can make a change if given the chance. The university will be a new and exciting challenge that I am more than ready to face, education in my chosen course would give me a unique life experience, that would allow me to delve into mental processing and answer so many questions since my childhood. I look forward to studying in Hungary and later pursuing my studies at the postgraduate level.

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