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Outsourcing has become a common strategy that many companies have adopted to reduce the cost of operations and the quality of services offered to the clients. There are a wide range of services that companies outsource and this depends on specific needs of a company.

Many companies have found out that outsourcing is a better way of managing resources and there is an increase in the use of outsourcing services to operate complex activities within organizations. (McKeen, Heather and Satyendra, 2005). The author assesses a case study for CanCredit Company that seeks to outsource desktop management and client support services.

Monique’s strategy of outsourcing desktop management and client support

The strategy that was adopted by CanCredit to outsource desktop management and client support was important and I support it. The strategy would save costs to the company because these services are costly to operate them within the premises of the company.

The bank had consolidated its operations in the entire country and operating desktop management and client support would become a major challenge to the employees of the company. Optimal allocation of the limited resources was important to ensure that the company satisfies all the clients.

CanCredit provided banking services to large corporate companies as well as small investor clients. Establishing a client support system was important to deliver quality services to all categories of clients. This could be achieved by outsourcing these services because the internal workers were occupied in dealing with other customer services (McKeen, Heather and Satyendra, 2005).

For a long period of time companies have been outsourcing operations and programming services and this has drawn a pool of companies providing these services. Many professionals have been trained to offer services in such services and this has resulted into excess supply of professionals in those careers.

CanCredit can employ professionals to provide these services. Many companies have focused on improving customer satisfaction and outsourcing client support services would improve the level of customer satisfaction for the bank (McKeen, Heather and Satyendra, 2005).

Issues that CanCredit needs to address regarding desktop management and client support

The issues that CanCredit need to address concerning desktop management and client support are the level of cost saving done when these services are outsourced. It is also important that the management should assess the improvement that will be made on the quality of services delivered to the clients after the introduction of the outsourcing systems.

Other issues that need to be addressed are the capability and the competency of the internal employees to provide these services. The complexity of the processes, procedures and methods need to be addressed to ensure there is a good flow of activities when delivering services to the clients (McKeen, Heather and Satyendra, 2005).

Outsourcing companies can provide all these issues because they have professional who have a wide range of skills. These companies employ professionals from different fields and they deliver quality work. Therefore, the management of CanCredit should not fear outsourcing the services because the problems facing the company can be easily solved (McKeen, Heather and Satyendra, 2005).

Measurements to assess satisfaction of these issues

To measure the satisfaction of these issues the management can determine the change in profit levels made after the introduction of the new outsourcing system, the improvement in customer loyalty as well as the number of new clients joining the company. The system should reduce the costs incurred by the company.


The strategy that the management of CanCredit has developed to outsource desktop management and client support is very important because it will improve the level of customer satisfaction as well as reduce the costs incurred by the company. However, the company to be outsourced should be well analyzed to ensure it can provide the services accordingly.

Reference list

McKeen, James D.; Smith, Heather A.; and Singh, Satyendra (2005). “Developments in Practice XVI: A Framework for Enhancing IT Capabilities,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 15, Article 36.

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