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Ways to make change happen

The man is drawing different ideas.


Ditkoff, Mitch. Asking for permission to facilitate. Web.


This picture discusses intrinsic business ethics as the backbone of acceptable change through proactive permission. The change agent must get the green light in a continuous network of different change implementation strategies.

Specifically, the picture identifies the organization hierarchal aspects of interaction processes in the change management environment.

Among the elements suggested for successful participatory change presentation include communication channels, inter and intra personal relationships represented by the arrows from the computer and arrows to other parties in the picture.

The propelling factor for the increasing interconnectivity and independence is indicated in the central bulb that appears to have brighter light than the background of the picture.

This means that the aspect of foresight is introduced as a very crucial element in participatory change introduction since it gives a company rough perspective and overview of the future concerning the expected and unexpected changes and challenges as perceived by the audience.

The numerous elements supporting change in the form of people, technology, and department are presented as entailing those patterns that revolutionize and changes over time since the success of communicating a change is related to the positioning of these elements.

In relation to personal foresight, change patterns to visualize future changes are presented as part of personal culture as indicated by the change agent appealing for acceptance.

From the interpretation of the above picture, it is apparent that when decisions are made on universal appropriate management culture, the outcome will be pleasing and convenient for operation in short and long term (Ditkoff, par. 8).

If these principles are internalized in the management and the workforce, they will appreciate the need to uphold the social interactions standards based on what is universally ‘right’.

Leading change

Ыomeone chooses among a variety of keys.


Ditkoff, Mitch. Asking for permission to facilitate. Web.


This picture depicts significance of choosing the right strategies or key to successfully open a change gate. Despite the fact that a proposed change may be good, its acceptability or rejection is dependent on the implementation strategy and chasing the right mix of change elements.

In precision, for these decisions to hold and be positively assimilated into the work environment, a series of tests are carried out by gathering facts and incorporating them in defined issues surrounding the change implementation strategy.

The author has designed a utilitarian view in understanding the significance of being thoughtful and strategic towards change implementation approach (Ditkoff, par. 1). Among the key issues that may be included as part of the right key are the need for being subjective, quantification of underlying problems, and utility distribution.

It necessary to factor in internal influences as personal feelings and thought that includes self-concept, motivation, attitudes, emotions and perceptions before deciding on the change key to use.

These factors generally influence perception, decision patterns, and attitude employees develop towards an organization. Besides, these factors are directly linked to internal and external interacting social aspects that control the pattern of though and expressed feelings.


The above pictures suggest that the target group is easily swayed by what they perceive whenever confronted with the need for change. It is clear that a proposed change may only be successful when implemented through a participatory approach. However, choosing the right approach for implementing the proposed change will determine it acceptance or rejection.

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Ditkoff, Mitch. Asking for permission to facilitate. Web.

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