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The case highlights a dilemma that many managers have to resolve in their daily work. In particular, they need to ensure that every organizational goal is attained by the personnel. However, these professionals also have to think about the rights of employees. There are several recommendations that Jane should consider.

First of all, she should include the provision about substance abuse in the job description. This requirement is critical for the effective work of this organization. It should be noted that the employees of Somewhere Emergency Aid Society interact with the victims of abuse and violence, and these people certainly expect compassion from social workers.

In turn, these professional may not cope with their duties, provided that they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, those team members, who are dependent on substance, should be terminated. In this case, the wellbeing of women, who seek shelter, should be the top priority for Jane who is the leader of the team.

The second issue that should be considered is the choice between two candidates. It seems that Jane should learn more about the previous work experience of the female candidate. Provided that she was indeed dismissed because of substance abuse, she should not be employed by Somewhere Emergency Aid Society. Furthermore, Jane can give an opportunity to an applicant who has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

It seems that the expertise of this person can be of great value to the organization. He can bring new skills to the team or suggest new ways of helping the victims of abuse. These initiatives can be of great benefit to women who have to rely on the assistance of social workers. This is the main recommendations that one can make.

Again, these decisions are based on the premise that Somewhere Emergency Aid Society has to focus on the rights of women who can only rely on the competence and professionalism of employees working in this shelter.

The needs of the asylum seekers can be met only in if social workers possess skills in different fields, Moreover, there should not be any obstacles that can prevent employees from doing their work properly. Among these obstacles, one can single out substance abuse or unwillingness of the personnel to accept new employees. These are the reasons that should guide Jane’s decisions.

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