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The Rondell Data Corporation is a company that specializes in the production of broadcasting equipment and other technical appliances; whose founder was Bob Rondell. Within the running of this company, most of the operations are not well coordinated as a result of the various technical problems facing the corporation. In addition, as it has been revealed these problems facing the company have adversely affected its efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its operations.

The Structural problems facing the Rondell Data Corporation

First, the company faces the problem of power interests a case where the managers are at a constant alienation of power and authority within its management system. As it has been happening within the Rondell Data Corporation Company over time, various departmental heads have been in controversy over the issues of power and authority within the corporation. For instance the production department manager of the company is observed to be in a constant controversy with the personnel manager overpower matters; based on which they compete for the delegation of duties within the company.

Secondly, the company faces the problem of the lack of cooperation among various departments within the running of the company’s activities. More specifically, there is a general lack of coherence among the various departments within the company which has adversely affected the company’s performance and the failure to accomplish the planned activities in time. In this company, there was a lack of coordination between the engineering department regarding research and the production department; under which there was a high degree of incoherence among the planned activities of the company.

Lastly, the Rondell Data Corporation faces the problem of lack of responsibility among the employees under the various departments within the company. More specifically, most of the employees under the various departments seem to be ignorant of the activities carried out within the company. As it has been observed, the company’s employees are carrying out activities without order and no one cares whether the desired objectives are conveniently achieved to the expected levels or not. Still, the new employees are not given any significant attention through being directed on how activities are carried out within the organization which has generally led to its general failure towards the achievement of its set goals. More so, the employees’ roles are not well defined within the company which is depicted when the new employees within the company are moved from one section of work to another.

Application of Ashby’s Laws of Requisite Variety to solve the problems within the Rondell Data Corporation Company

The problems facing the Rondell Data Corporation can be solved using various organizational approaches through the application of Ashby’s Laws, to enhance the accomplishment of the desired goals and objectives set by the company. In such a case, the company should strive at involving all the departments within its structure in the whole process of solving the identified problems which will positively impact the general performance of the company.

First, addressing the bureaucratic model within the company for both the company’s clients and the employees should be employed; as it has been very lowly effective and defined within the operations of the corporation despite its being of a crucial importance. Based on the fact that the company is of a technological orientation, the law on bureaucracy should be applied where all the employees should be well organized and their roles properly defined.

Secondly, the company should consider the relationship between its organizational structure and the environment which are addressed in Ashby’s law. In this perspective, the main issue to be addressed is the coordination of departments within the organization. More specifically, Ashby’s law, in this case, would be of much significance to establishing the grounds for the specific coordination pattern of all the departments within the organization. This is the case, as by so doing there would be coherence in all the activities within the company which will help in enhancing efficiency within the company.

Considering the sources of variation in the organization and relating those to Ashby’s law, the following sources of organizational variety may be identified, the level of system analysis, external variety, and internal variety that has been discussed above. Turning to the problem of the level of the system analysis, it is crucial to mention Ashby’s law regulates the problems connected to the department conflicts. The problem with the delegation duties, the lack of appropriate communication and coherence between different departments in one more source for organizational variety. New employees and their shift within sections should be considered as an external source of the organizational variety. The chosen bureaucratic model can cope with those problems, even though the sources for the organizational variety have been identified.


Generally, the Rondell Data Corporation has been faced with many structural problems which need to be seriously addressed to enhance the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. In this case, therefore, the application of Ashby’s law is of crucial significance in the solving of the current problems under the internal organization of the company.

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