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The Walt Disney Company was founded on October 16, 1920 in Los Angeles, California by two brothers Walt Disney and his elder brother Roy Disney. Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company is Robert A. Iger. Walt Disney is one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world. The company’s key products and services include media network, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products. There are 6 Disneyland in total in the world: two of them are located in America, one is in California, other is in Florida, the rest of the three parks are in Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris respectively. Disneyland resort is the biggest employer in Orange County, California with about 23,000 total employees. There are also independent contractors that support Disney’s operation.


I choose Disney Theme Park which is one of the most popular products of Walt Disney. The Original Disney Theme Park built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opens on July 17,1995. It holds a special place in the hearts millions around the world. Visited by millions of guests each year, Disneyland today is truly a magical place, the undisputed ‘the happiest place on Earth’. Considered by many to be a masterpiece of civil engineering, innovation and imagination. As all we know so far there are 6 Disneyland in the worldwide. I want to set another theme park in Canada in 2050. I hope every single child can receive happy memories of their childhood which Disneyland can provide.


The price of our Disneyland depends on many factors. The range of one day adult ticket from $100 to $200. Besides, we have special tickets for kids who is between 0 to 5 years old and under 1.2 meters high just cost $20 for one day ticket and we also have some souvenirs for these lovely kids. However, prices fluctuate frequently during some specific festivals and events. For instance, every year on June 6 we will raise our ticket price up to $200 per day because during this period in summer all children have their summer holiday and Disneyland is a good option for recreation. It is not at a high price that why a huge amount of people choose to go to Disneyland. Plus, one Disneyland needs lots of staffs to keep order and maintain the number of people in the park within the safe range, which is another reason for the increased price.

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In this part, our company uses a decentralized strategy, which means we set up some Disneyland theme parks in other countries and we will hire the local labor work as difference types of staffs in Disneyland. Besides, we have many sale agents which offer tickets for people in other countries, it also provides some other related services such as Disneyland theme hotel and so forth. In addition, you can also buy tickets online or go through our website, the new membership can receive 80% discount which is pretty nice for the new customer.

Qualities of Product

  1. Size. The scale of the Disneyland is 5,000,000 square feet. It will be separate into two theme parks, in each of the park there are several different types of theme.
  2. Component. Our Disneyland consist of eight theme parks which are Main Street, USA, Adventureland, New Orleans square, Critter Country, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown, Tomorrowland. Each of them have different entertainment facilities.
  3. Feature. Depending on where Disneyland is located, we will integrate the park with local culture in order to attract more tourists.
  4. Creditable. In Disneyland there are many good things worth mention is Disney fast pass. It is a system developed by Disney company to save time in queues.
  5. Solve problems. If there any problem with you, it is easy for you to contact with us, our Disneyland dealing with problems efficiently, you just need to put you questions on our website then will be someone deal with it.


The ‘Disneyland’ is surrounded by a circle, which looks like an outline of our park. Meanwhile, the circle means the whole world, for one we want people all over the world can come to join us, for another we also want to set up branches in every single place in the world. In addition, the logo combined with two colors only that green and white respectively. As all we know, green stand for peace, that why we use green as the main color and we want to offer people a place for recreation under a peaceful environment and white represent purity, children have pure hearts, and our main dumping target is children.


As all we know, Walt Disney also produces movies, lots of cartoons and fairy tales movies are made from it, all of the amusement facilities of Disneyland are come up with its films. So, if people who likes Disney’s movies and want to try some of the new technology products can come to try it. In addition, Disneyland always attract a huge amount of people especially on summer and winter vacation. Therefore, there are special tickets for the people who can wake up early in the morning. The last one I have to mention is Disneyland is a place offer people for recreation and it is a good place for a couple to remain their sweet memory.


In conclusion, I hope that Disneyland can successfully settle down in Toronto, Canada. Disneyland is not only a place for entertainment, but also inherits American culture, which can better integrate cultures. In addition, if Disney opens in Toronto, Canadians will not have to go to Disney in other countries. On the one hand, travel costs will be saved, and on the other hand, tourists from other countries will be attracted. This will not only drive the economy of Toronto, but also the whole of Canada. Meanwhile, it also offers more job opportunities to the local people. Disney’s construction is a big deal, it will bring the hotel industry, the infrastructure industry, the communication industry and so on, once the construction of Disney is completed, it will add another 30,000 to 60,000 jobs.



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