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Father means my creator. I am solely dependent on my father financially. But, as soon as I want to become his supporter. Generally, one thing happens to me nowadays, whenever my father has late to return home in the evening. Then, my heartbeat is extremely quick for my father. Like, I reckon to call him, then he stood his bike within seconds inside the house. I think ‘What’s coincidence! Think about him and he is present inside the home within seconds’. I say thank you to God, papa has arrived house. My father does not feel that his daughter is an extraordinarily caring girl for us. Because I never notify him of my love for him. I care about my parents, but I do not like to show off. But in this essay, I want to share one moment in which the chain is attached to my life.

When I was 9-10 years old, that moment transpired in my life. We were receding to our residence. We all, mum, sister, and brother, seat inside the bus and my father went to fill water-bottle. He was out of the bus. The bus motorist had begun the bus and the conductor was screaming people from inside the bus. The bus driver was forwarding his hand to use a break. As soon as I started crying. I was saying to the driver “Uncle! Please pause the bus, my father is out”. I repeat this line many times, but nobody listened to me because there was a lot of loud sound of horns. My mother also was watching me and asked me “Why are you crying?”. I replied to her: “Papa yet is out from the bus, and the bus is ready to run”. The mother relaxed and silenced me by saying these lines: “The bus will not leave your father here”.

After 25 minutes my father was present inside the bus. And my mother asked him” “Where did you go? Your daughter started crying when the bus started. With great difficulty silenced her”. Now, father asked my mother: “Why did she start to cry?”. My mother replied: “The bus was ready to move”. After that, they both stared at me and laughed. I also laughed at seeing their behavior like this. My heart also got cold. Now, the bus was running and we were enjoying seeing exterior vehicles, shops, malls, flats, parks, etc. from the window of the bus.

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A strong bond should be with parents. Then, they can read your heart without saying any words from your side. This moment is too enough to show my love and affection for my father. I will never forget this.

In this way, I tried to show my love for my father. My father is everything to me. He gives me everything whatever I want. His nature is very calm. From the face, he is strict, but from the heart, he is very soft. I love him so much. Maybe I must have done some good deeds in my past life, that’s why today I have got lovely parents. They teach us good things. They alert us to bad things. They don’t deny anything. They hate liars. My father is too punctual. Whenever he does anything then, he uses his sense. He does not feel comfortable with others. He is not a greedy person.

I thank God who gave me a guiding, aware, caring, and adoring father. Periodically, he with my mum tutor me for the best things like in studies, ‘What will be best if you will do this?’. They advise me about the scope of the job, ‘Where can I get the job?’. In a way, I can say that they are my artery, where I will roll step by step by following their recommendation and accomplishing my life goals.

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