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All the inventions that were made in the world until today are results of the analysis, deep dive, and execution of those results in a trial and error method. Data science does the same old thing in a new-fashioned way using programming and algorithms to predict and analyze certain things, deep dive and give some insights about the future. As the former changed how the world operates, the latter is starting to change the world and how it operates similarly. Data science is the future of this world, as most of the sectors in the world are sitting on unscathed data ready to be analyzed and put back into their system for better outputs in their sectors as per their requirements.

Doing analysis and predicting/planning the perfect/nearest possible outcome is the one thing that interests me a lot. My job profile in which I am currently working deals with the same data analysis to provide better services for the customer. During my tenure at Amazon as a “Transaction risk analyst” which deals with analyzing customer transactions for any fraudulent activity. I have been excelling in the role, receiving numerous awards and accolades for my work. This has influenced me to permanently transition my career path from mechanical engineering to data science.

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Being a mechanical engineering graduate, during my graduation days, I was intrigued a lot by computers being more effective than humans in designing, planning, predicting, and automation using computer programming languages. This has increased my inclination towards Machine learning. C programming and CAD/CAM subjects have increased my interest further deeper into computers during my graduation phase. After completion of the degree to pursue my career in analytics and to expand my knowledge in the field of data science. Joined Amazon, the world’s best company where it has all the machine learning departments under one roof like Amazon AWS, ALEXA, and many more. This helped me to get more insights into data science utilization and implementation.

Data science is an ever-changing field and one needs to be updated and experienced to be on par with the industry standards. To gain more specific knowledge apart from my current job, out of my self-interest done a prerequisite certification course in “Data science specialization with R & PYTHON”, to keep myself certified and equipped with all the knowledge and skills required for the desired student, who want to pursue post-graduation in the field of data science. Masters in Data Science will give me in-depth knowledge, and the required skills in a specialized way in the field of data science. I plan to invest the gained knowledge and put it to optimal use. My ideal job includes creativity, investigative, and innovative work. I am confident that a Master’s in data science will give me the necessary drive to such a career and an opportunity to do well in my desired field.

The University of Hertfordshire offers the best degree in data science and analytics with a placement year. Master’s degree is tailored in such a manner, that it fully equips me with all the knowledge and skills required. The research of the computer science department was rated as world-leading, and the course is part of the same computer science department of the university, which shows the expertise of the department. In all, it is a comprehensive university that furnishes an education that will serve me well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of learning I am sure that my strong motivation, my work exposure, and my analytical aptitude will help me to measure up to the rigors of graduate study. Finally, I take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me to express myself and I look forward to my admission into the graduate program of your esteemed university.

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