Imagine you are a nurse working with Doctors Without Borders to address an emerging global health issue in a specific region of the world. You are preparing to travel to the region to improve an issue or illness.Create a 7- to 10-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes, analyzing emerging global health issues related to the country or region of world of your choice. In your presentation:Analyze the cause of the issue or illness. Consider:Individual issues (e.g., personal cleanliness )Community (e.g., resources, demographics)Family roles and structures (e.g., single-family households)Culture (e.g., values, beliefs)Environmental issues (e.g., access to technology and health care, geographic concerns) Examine the factors that continue to exacerbate the issue or illness. Consider:IndividualCommunityCultureEnvironmentalCreate an action plan to improve the issue or illness. Consider:EducationCommunicationRelief workersTechnologyCite at least five peer-reviewed references in your presentation, and include a separate APA-formatted reference page.

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