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Short summary of case

The case study under consideration is devoted to the problem of saving environment within one company. The main idea of the study is to describe the situation that exists in the environmental sphere and to connect different kinds of business to emission reductions.

The Nokia Siemens is the venture that managed to join two giants specialized in network and communication infrastructures, Nokia and Siemens. The joint functions on equal rights being in the top three companies in the telecommunications equipment business. The company that deals with WWF International offered Nokia Siemens Networks to join the company devoted to the environment protection, WWF Climate Savers. One of the main facilities the WWF Climate Savers offered the Networks was to provide the activities directed to the reduction of CO2 in the air.

The definition of the problem

Nokia Siemens Networks understand that CO2 footprints that are resulted from the electricity that is necessary for running mobile infrastructure harm the environment greatly. Having joined the environment protection campaign, the Networks became considered as environment friendly. Besides the issues that are focused on the direct company’s responsibilities, the reduction of the harmful influence of the Networks activities, it is also involved in the green housing and different staff programs that are focused on the green car policies. Nokia Siemens Networks tried to combat the CO2 footprints reduction in complex and instead of placing one goal, the company designed a number of different goals that are sure to be reached.

Networks are aimed at

  1. ameliorating the energy efficacy of GSM and Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution and WCDMA/HSPA “up to 40% by 2012” (Nokia Siemens Networks 2),
  2. reducing “the energy consumption of office buildings by 6% by 2012” (Nokia Siemens Networks 2), and
  3. incrementing the consumption of renewable energy “to 50% of total energy use by the end of 2010” (Nokia Siemens Networks 2).

The reaching of the aims will make it possible for the company to reduce the CO2 emissions no 2 million tons.

The possible solutions to the problem

Here are some solutions to the problem that Nokia Siemens can provide. First of all, the company should design the new technology, the Flexi Base Station that is aimed at reducing the CO2 emissions via the following actions. The Flexi Base Station will reduce the amount of base station sites, with the use of the innovative technologies the necessity for air-conditioning will be also reduced to minimum, and the utilization of software features that are able to optimize “the use of radio access for wireless communications” (Nokia Siemens Networks) will bring the environment profit for the company.

Second, the company wants to apply the Design for environment process. This process is directed to the entire life cycle for the product, from the raw material till its final stage. Thus, the resources for manufacturing are used in the whole volume. It is possible to predict that the recycling of the materials should be considered within this solution. The recycling of the waste materials is one more option for the company that is focused on the environment protection techniques.

Third, the work with the staff should take place. The company encourages the employees of the company use the cars that produce lower emissions. These actions are taken within the bounds of green car policy. The employees are supported financially if they decide to shift to more environment friendly vehicles. The financial support is crucial for some employees, the others care of the nature. Nevertheless, seeing the advantages of using the cars that are less harmful for the environment people will do that and by that very fact will support the company’s actions.

Fourth, being the part of the WWF Climate Savers campaign, Nokia Siemens has the purpose to use the renewable energy instead of diesel energy. The renewable energy systems are not used widely for now as they are rather expensive in a short-term period and other companies do not want to consider long-term perspective. The company managed to make sure that the use of the renewable systems cover the expenses in three or four years (Nokia Siemens Networks 6).

The best solution for the organization

In summary, it should be mentioned that the use of innovative technologies in the manufacturing and offering services should be one of the main direction the company is to fo9llow. The use of the Flexi Base Station is one of the main opportunities the company may offer within the bounds of WWF Climate Savers program. The company will not only reduce the harmful effect on environment but will also save money and increase the company’s profit.

The first advantage is the new product’s size, the Flexi Base Station is 80% slammer from the previous one. The 90% of the used materials are recycled that may help in using it one more time. The energy the Flexi Base Station consumes is rather low, about 790 watts (Nokia Siemens Networks 4). The Flexi Base Station can be compared with energy consumption of coffee maker. Thus, the usage of the Flexi Base Station will positively effect both the environment and the financial profit of the company and customers.

Works Cited

“Nokia Siemens Networks: Connecting business growth and emissions reductions.” IMD International 2009, 1-9. Print.

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