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The present paper provides a response to the case study, in which Vic and Novi are preparing for a meeting to discuss their future business relationships. Novi is upset that Vic has hired a new employee with higher power over the marketing decisions about the product Novi has been working on. Vic is afraid that Novi wants to quit her job, which would be disappointing considering how much time Vic has invested in the development of Novi. Both parties need to handle their emotions to ensure the best possible outcome. The paper provides several recommendations for Novi and Vic to prepare for the meeting.

Recommendations for Both Parties

There are at least three recommendations applicable for both Novi and Vic. First, both parties need to consider their opening to make it as clear as possible. Many people believe that they know what their preferable outcomes are; however, most of the time, they do realize their initial claim is. Therefore, both parties need to clearly articulate their position and select the best wording to explain it to the other party. It is crucial not to exaggerate the initial claim for both parties due to emotions. It is best to write down the opening for it to be concise, up-to-the-point, and reasonable.

Second, it is crucial for both parties to listen to be aware of possible psychological biases that may affect the dynamics of the negotiation. In particular, close attention should be paid to reactive devaluation, which is a tendency to devalue proposals that appear to come from the adversaries before they are considered on their merits. Merely being aware of the concept makes a person pinpoint and react to possible reactive devaluations that come from both sides. Awareness helps to keep the emotions down, which is crucial in the negotiations with a high level of uncertainty and personal evolvement. Therefore, both Novi and Vic are recommended to learn about the concept of reactive devaluation.

Third, the parties need to try and select settings that appear neutral for both Novi and Vic. When one wants to be unemotional, it is only natural to choose a place that has no memories of the past. Additionally, the conditions should also be neutral, which involves the level of noise, the possibility of interruption, temperature, and lighting. It may seem that Vic’s office would be a suitable place for the meeting; however, in this place, Vic would feel powerful, and Novi would possibly act defensively. Therefore, it is best to select another location for negotiations, such as the special room for negotiations or some place outside the corporate building.

Special Recommendations for Novi

The central recommendation for Novi is to assess her strengths and weaknesses to ensure that her claims are reasonable. Novi should be aware that women often low-ball themselves and their position in the company. Therefore, she should list everything she has done on the project and explain everything that she can do for the project in the future to understand her true value. Having these points outlined can make the dynamics of the negotiation reasonable.

The second recommendation for Novi is to learn as much as possible about the new person that was hired. It is crucial to understand the person’s background and qualifications to assess if the offered position is appropriate. Additionally, Novi needs to remind herself about Vic’s qualifications. Since he was Novi’s mentor, it appears that he has enough qualifications to assess the needs of the company. She should understand that there may be some reasons for the new hire that she does not understand. Therefore, Novi should approach the negotiation respecting her opponent’s judgment.

Special Recommendations for Vic

Before commencing into the negotiations, Vic needs to understand the reason for the meeting to prepare for it. This can be achieved by talking to Novi’s colleagues and close friends. It is crucial to remember that the manager’s purpose is to care for his employees. Therefore, he needs to be prepared to make offers to meet Novi’s needs. Learning about the possible reasons for the up-coming negotiations will help Vic prepare several options to accommodate Novi’s needs. Additionally, having several simulation offers will encourage Novi to view these offers against each other rather than against the offeror. Such an arrangement will help to avoid reactive devaluation. Vic is also recommended to assess the possibility of involving a mediator. Having a mediator as a carrier of an offer helps to detach it from the offeror, which is an excellent strategy to address reactive devaluation.


When preparing for a negotiation, it is crucial to be aware that emotions often interfere with its effectiveness. Therefore, every party needs to be aware of the possible psychological biases that may arise during the conversation. These biases can be avoided through careful preparation, awareness, and genuine respect for the opponent. Following the recommendation provided in the present paper will help Vic and Novi to resolve the issue between them.

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