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The business can better serve consumers by implementing initiatives centered on them. The projects’ goals are to build client loyalty, maintain growth, and boost retention rates by, among other things, monitoring customer satisfaction and suggesting constant improvements.

Added Customer Value

Monitoring Customer Satisfaction Levels

The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is the enhancement of Client Value. Keeping up the level of service after a customer has made a purchase is essential to making them feel like a valued patron. The Company should inquire about their impressions of the product and whether or not they were fulfilled. By emphasizing this, the firm ensure they will be remembered once they have provided their payment details. Wu and Li (2018) state that a hesitant customer is easily convinced to purchase. The simple action will make the firm more approachable, increasing the number of consumers.

Suggesting Constant Improvements Regularly

Increasing existing clients’ lifetime value is an essential thing a company can do. Nevertheless, a company should know that the expanding Company will not pick up a loyal consumer in a market they already occupy. Therefore a company should provide customers with reasons to be happy, and they will likely remain loyal. In order to do this, a firm needs first to comprehend their needs and prerequisites and then put this information to use to conceive and provide them with an additional variation that will cater to their ever-changing preferences.

Added Business Value

According to Madhani (2018), the quicker a company can shift its customer’s attention away from the price tag, the better. The customers will respond by disregarding the item’s price in favor of the advantages they may get from it. For instance, instead of saying that the tea from the NationaliTeas Company is excellent, the firm could also say that it is very nutritious and healthy, then list its health benefits.

Potential Resources

The most crucial resources in this project will be employees who will be tasked with ensuring the satisfaction of the customers and the amount of time each day that those employees will dedicate to doing so. Customers should be protected showing them that they are of value to the company. As a search, it would be important to have a team leader that would be monitoring everything. Appraisal and monitoring are also fundamental processes. Not only is it polite to enquire about the customers’ opinions, but doing so also provides valuable insight into whether or not the Company is moving in the correct direction toward accomplishing the goal that has been set.

Potential Resources

The endeavor will require considerable financial investment on the part of the business. The finances will be involved in developing and testing new products believed to appeal to the target market and the workforce’s compensation. Even though it may take a few months to complete this job, the time spent will be well worth it.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The procedure will be lengthy and time-consuming as the Company must continually undertake monitoring and assessment as long as the tea firm remains operational. Enhancements are warranted as long as the tea industry is prospering. Each adjustment must be evaluated for its worth in assessing whether or not the goals were reached. Formulating specific goals, objectives, and indicators will assess the project’s success. Essentially, this will guarantee that the review process is successful and that any possible roadblocks are recognized and tracked.


In conclusion, one of the essential things that can be done to expand the Company is to develop and monitor the outcomes of a plan that focuses on enhancing the value of the existing clients. While acquiring new consumers is essential, the most effective strategy for long-term expansion is to focus on preserving and deepening the current connections with existing clients.


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