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Dance has been known to be a kind of art that gives people the freedom to express everything within. It is known that movement is power, which is why dancing has such an important factor about self-expression and life. It has been used for ages, starting from our ancestors to the society we live in today. It takes up many forms and different needs, and that is why it is more than special. Dancing has no rules, and no limitations to what you could offer. It has a variety of uniquely made movements and choreography that could leave you breathless. No specific movement is required, it had evolved through so many forms, but every form has its unique vibe to it. It makes me feel amazing. Dancing gives me incredible sensations. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something great. The thing about dancing is that it can be tiring and you might be out of breath when the music stops and your heart is just pounding in your chest, but to be honest, it’s the best feeling for me and that’s what really makes me happy.

It is important for both physical and mental health due to the fact that dancing helps the body release neurotransmitters such as endorphins (also known as the happy hormones), which helps decrease stress levels, making us calmer, more relieved, and happier. Some might also consider dancing as a hobby, and for those people, being able to express their passion through this medium helps them express themselves and the message they want to convey. Not to mention that dancing can also help improve muscle tone and strength, being fitter than being just stagnant in one place. In addition to being an art form that requires focus and practice, dance is also a stress-relieving activity. Regular performance of this activity will make a person stronger, more active, and younger.

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Personally, as a dancer, I can say that dancing helps me relieve my stress because for some reason I only feel this sense of happiness I can only feel when I dance, and that is why I always look for it and long for it whenever I get stressed out. Dancing gives me the freedom to say what I want to say without the use of words, and that just seems magical to me. There is a quote that says, “Every time I dance, I turn into a better version of me”, and actually this is very true! The stage really helps me bring out the person I am within, the person that loves dancing. Dancing gives me this belief that I can do anything and I can be anyone once I hear the beat. Dancing is my safe place. Dancing makes me feel complete, like I’m not lacking anything, and in those moments, nothing else matters. It helps me forget all the problems in the world, and it makes me happy, even though I’m all alone.

I love the feeling of being out of breath, all sweaty and tired, the adrenaline rush is still there because it’s so fulfilling. To be able to express an idea, an emotion, or a feeling from your own mind, I believe that it’s a gift. A gift that I am supposed to share with other people, not just keep to myself. It makes me feel happy to stand on stage and jump around, exerting every ounce of energy from my body to every step I had to do, and well people told me this as well, my best smiles come from pictures of me dancing, and I think that alone says a lot about my love for the art. Dancing is so wonderful. I really hope that when this pandemic is finally over, I can finally go on stage and dance my heart out and experience a true moment of happiness.

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