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I thoroughly believe I encompass a strong, representative example of the free enterprise spirit. The free enterprise economy adequately provides me with opportunities for involvement in work and the community. Free enterprise is private resources owned, and competitiveness will thrive economically with minimal government intervention. In many respects, I value my personal freedom from the choices I make in the economy to the choices I make in the election. The possible rewards of a free enterprise in many respects provide me with opportunities and involvement that directly impact the community I live in. Freedom is something I appreciate daily. Plenty of the decisions I invariably end up making, from the particular food I purchase to the decisions I create in my work, are impacted by free enterprise. Even more significantly, without free enterprise, my university degree would be unachievable. Everywhere in my life, I am exposed constantly to a broad variety of valuable goods. These goods can be endless with types, colors, and sizes, merely depending on the type of commodity. Without free enterprise building competitive markets, I would never be exposed to such a variety of goods. Not only that, heavy rivalry between businesses influences the buyer’s market. The competition takes the form of quality products and typically lower prices, which are both of enormous benefit to me in my investment decisions.

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I have life goals; there are ambitions even for businesses and governments. We all embrace goals in our free enterprise system. What I personally ponder the vital economic and social goals should be environmental and economic equity. I undoubtedly find economic equality to be extremely essential for me because, in daily existence, a well-established tradition of justice, impartiality, and fairness must be essential. Sincerely, with equivalent work, I believe in fair pay. I could never discriminate based on age, sex, ethnicity, faith, or impairment at work or in my private life as a whole. As cultures of societies shift, I can foresee that not only I, but more people will consider a more sustainable environment to represent an important goal within free enterprise. Essentially, ultimately, we remain the ones deciding on the most meaningful goals for us. Our goals and objectives may promptly change in the near future.

Unmistakably, under a free enterprise system, I am divinely inspired, I have the opportunity to acquire prosperity on the grounds of my own diligent work and capability. The whole spirit of free enterprise fosters my self-confidence, inspiration, pride, and fierce joy. This gently encourages me to maximize my ability to do much more and be more self-sufficient. Such economic freedom remains a buoyant force that allows me a major say in my personal life. In my personal and professional life, I can conclude I have witnesses, peers, and colleagues able to work hard and prosper under free enterprise. We are all able to make a contribution to a booming and dynamic economy.

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