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‘Change’ is a thing that makes humankind grow in several ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, or entirely. Now the question is, what makes a human change?

So to answer that some changes are natural like normal physical growth and yes that too can be adjusted nowadays seeing the development of gyms and yoga centers. And then there are emotional and mental changes, and these changes are the result of what the person is going through. Life is full of experiences, and these experiences have both pros and cons. And these pros and cons result in some sort of changes in the life of that person, and it depends on the experience whether these changes will be good or bad.

So being a woman is, in my opinion, an experience that changes a woman’s life and the woman herself is ‘marriage’. And I have been experiencing this change now for a year. So, what I felt about marriage is that it is a thing that brings immense changes in a girl’s life, including mine. It was a different picture for me because marrying someone and more than that leaving your parent’s home, your friends, your city, and in my case, your state too, is obviously not an easy task. There were instances where I was on the verge of crying seeing the changes I was experiencing. I felt like I lost myself and everything related to me. Things that were important to me.

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Marriage is of course a tough decision to make, and the cherry on the cake is marrying a person arranged by your parents, and I made it before realizing what else it would bring together: lots of losses, a totally new environment, and adjusting to that, and making family out of strangers. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to do so, I swear.

But every coin has its sides, and the same was there with this experience. Whether it be this or any experience, it only gives two results in the end: happiness or something to learn from or grow from. That’s how life works, and that is how experiences make people grow. When you lose something, at least you always reciprocate with the lesson.

I got both lessons and happiness by making this decision. I did make some sacrifices, but I also got some perks with it. But everything in life takes time to make a challenging experience to make a good one. And all it takes is patience! We just need to have patience and enjoy life. Everything in life happens for a reason: either joy or lesson!

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