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Want something? Just ask the universe. I strongly believe that you can have control of your reality and the outcome of your life situations just with your conscious and unconscious thoughts. My belief stems from several reasons, which are because psychologists and scientists support the use of affirmations, manifestation believers were found in historical roots, and there are many testimonies related to just positive thinking. The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life whatever you give your focus, energy, and attention to. This means that whatever energies you put out into the world, positive or negative, those energies will reflect in yourself and your life. If you’re truly aware of what you want, both resultative and materialistic-wise, all you have to do is pretend they’re already coming your way. Be open to the idea that it could actually happen, and will.

The law of attraction is not scientifically based, but the idea of ‘positive thinking’ is. However, I believe that there is an obvious connection between the two, as positive thinking supports many of the statements found in the law of attraction, one being the use of affirmations. Affirmations are mainly defined being the positive statements and unconscious beliefs that you embed into your mind to overcome inner obstacles, as well as negative ways of thinking that could hold you back. The thought that individuals can heal themselves by altering their thoughts isn’t new at all to psychology. Both cognitive and behavioral psychology support this idea. Affirmations have been used within the field of psychology in the aspects of therapy, recovering from trauma, dealing with depression, and improving physical health. Many scientists also support affirmative beliefs and have done studies proving how they work. A study led by Christopher Cascio and Emily Falk showed that affirmations put the reward circuits in our brains to use. These reward circuits help us to deal with pain, and keep our minds balanced. Other research has also shown that positive thinking could add years to your life. A study showed that those with a positive outlook on aging lived about 7.5 years more than others without that outlook.

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Not only do psychologists and scientists support some of what makes up the law of attraction, but some of the greatest philosophers of all time have also. According to Katherine Hurst, a journalist from, around 391 BC, the Greek philosopher Pluto once stated that “likes tend towards likes”. As Hurst stated, this quote is similar to the saying ‘like attracts like’, which means you attract what you seek, and that you’re attracted to those who are like-minded to you. That saying is a light explanation of what the law of attraction is all about. Buddha, a philosopher, has put out insights that have inspired the world. He once said: “What you have become is the result of what you have thought”. I don’t think that even today he would argue that all thoughts, even the subconscious ones, don’t have some sort of effect.

It’s been shown in many believers that practicing and using self-affirmations definitely leads to an increase in one’s view of the world and their self. Those who consistently believe in themselves and wish for the best are the ones who will most likely obtain a positive outcome. Many people have actually, unwaveringly, used concepts from the law of attraction. Have you ever applied for a job and just ‘hoped for the best’, and then a couple of days later you get called in for an interview? Better yet, have you ever gone to class to take a test, at first feeling unsure, but when you were done, you had the mindset of ‘I did my best’, and you ended up passing? I, myself have experienced instances where the law of attraction has impacted me. On normal days, I wake up with the mindset that ‘today is going to be a good day’. In the end, those days do turn out to be good days, if I didn’t allow them to be considered ruined.

Those who are too busy thinking ‘I can’t’ are distracted from actually doing so. Dwelling on negativity doesn’t get anyone far. Because of psychologists, scientists, philosophers, testimonies, and my personal experiences, I believe in the law of attraction. You can obtain your own proof, and change your life around, by just asking the universe for what is it that you want, and keeping a positive mindset. Speak it into existence.

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