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No matter how hard I pushed, the lump in my throat wouldn’t go away. I was about to be escorted to the roller coaster car. I looked up and couldn’t help but gulp, as I saw the treacherous roller coaster tower in front of me. I was already rethinking my choice of actions.

I tried to take my mind off the rollercoaster by thinking about how I could avoid this situation. My family decided to go get some ‘relaxation’ at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. I thought it would be fun to finally experience the adrenaline rush of riding a rollercoaster. I remember thinking to myself that I would only ride the little ones, the less intense, mostly the ones I would ride if I was five years old. I remember being mad at my mom for making me do this, and how she tempted me by saying it would be the best experience of my life, and it probably wasn’t going to be. Maybe if pretended to fall from one of the rollercoasters, I thought, then, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

When it came to my turn, I sat right in the back. I heard my friends say that sitting in the back would be less intense than the front. I hoped they’re right, as I sat alone in the two-person car. Good thing I was by myself because I didn’t want someone to experience an unconscious body while they were riding. “Are you ready?!”, screamed the overly excited ride operator. “Yeahhh!”, replied everyone else. And just like that, the ride operator started the cars and we lurched forward. I was pushed back into my seat when we got to the incline up the impossible mountain. Suddenly, I was frozen in place. Time had slowed down. We were probably only a few meters above the ground before I felt like I was already twenty. I was trying to relax, but it wasn’t working. With every inch we moved, the more my tension grew. My eyes were glued to the back of the seat in front of me and my hands were gripping the handlebar so tightly I felt as if the Hulk couldn’t do any better. In an instant I was at the top of the coaster, the car froze in place, and I could only hear the murmurs of the people on the roller coaster with me. Then, with a sudden surge of pressure, my head jerked back. It was all the tension and the pressure that was built up was just released and in trade, it was used to make lots of adrenaline. I couldn’t help but scream as my bottom started to float upwards. I was then forced back down and by bottom smacked the seat. The roller coaster car arrived at a woodshed tunnel. When we went inside of it, it was complete darkness. There was some light because the shed was old and broken. I could hear the wheels of the car scraping against the rails, screams of the passengers, along with me, and the echoes of all the bugs that were trapped in the walls of the shed-like tunnel. The car quickly arrived at another slope. While we were going up, the sun in my face (that made everything look like a crystal), and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the loop-de-loop.

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By now, my anxiety level was at a level that what, I believe, was not humanly possible. It was as if you had at least five hours of homework, and you had three hours of swim practice at 7 o’clock. I didn’t even know that the car was going down the slope when it was happening. I was that scared! The rollercoaster was arriving quickly to the disgusting, tall, scary loop, and I was preparing to be flung off the car. For a second, I forgot we had seatbelts on. I replayed videos in my mind of people getting flung off roller coasters in the loop sections and got injured. When they were interviewed later, someone said, “It was the worst experience of my life”. I was thinking I wouldn’t live to see another rollercoaster again. I couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing (probably a good thing). Goodbye cruel world! I remember thinking that I would never see my friends or family ever again. I imagined everything that I felt accomplished in. I wasn’t able to convey my last thought because the car rocketed into the loop. I couldn’t see what was happening because my eyes felt like they were nailed to the roller coaster car. The gravity pressure was forcing my head to look at my feet. I didn’t realize that I was slowly being lifted from the seatbelt. I imagine it was like being in an indoor skydiving simulator, but then suddenly someone turned the air off. I jolted back down into my seat as I rocketed forward. I survived and was so relieved that I thought this could be turned into a book ‘I Survived’. Luckily, the next two loops I was prepared, but I wasn’t prepared for the last part of the rollercoaster, the corkscrew. I never saw it coming. I couldn’t prepare myself even if I wanted to. The thing about the corkscrew is that it keeps repeating itself, and your brain wants to repeatedly slow down and torment you as much as it can. During the corkscrew, I was forced to look down and I thought my organs were going to spill out of my mouth. That was only half of the corkscrew. The other half went the opposite direction and I was trying to look up, but it was too fast and I almost hit my face into the safety bar. The second corkscrew wasn’t as bad as the first, but I still felt uneasy like you would after you unintentionally swallow a bug. Then as quickly as it started, it was over.

The rollercoaster halted to a stop. Relief at last! A group of teenagers were in front of me and turned around to face me. One of them said: “So, how was the ride?”. I shot them a dirty look because I didn’t expect anyone to talk to me. I then shrugged, that was all I could do. It was a fine ride, and if anything, it was very fun. I stepped off the coaster, retrieved my water bottle, and walked off. When I got off, a sudden rush of accomplishment and glory made me tingle. I went up to my mom and told her all about my trip to adrenaline island.

I actually enjoyed my trip and felt entirely satisfied and proud of myself. I tried something new! It felt amazing and I knew, going forward, I had to try new things, and maybe I could find something new I liked. I then learned trying new things is essential to living life the way you want and accomplishing things. That few minutes at the rollercoaster made me learn that I enjoyed adrenaline and surprise, and how it made me my heart jingle at the thought of it. At the end of the day, after I rode the roller coaster maybe a little too much, I was surprised. I didn’t know I had the bravery to ride the roller coaster! Yet again, I didn’t know I would ride any rides my five-year-old self, wouldn’t consider.

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