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Cultural identity refers to a person’s sense of belonging to a particular cultural group and how they relate to others. My own experience of cultural identity is that I am from two different cultures. My mother is Tswana and my father is Xhosa so I am expected to practice both cultures because my parents are not married and they are separated. These two cultures perform their rituals differently so I have to accommodate both cultures, I sometimes don’t know where I belong. When I am at my father’s house, I am called by my Xhosa name and when I am at my mother’s house, they use my Tswana name, so I would like to say that I belong to both cultures.

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No, cultures don’t change it is just people who choose to change and avoid their culture or we can say that they change their beliefs and adopt modern ways of doing things. For example- they believe that doing ancestral rituals is practicing evil things because they are now reformed Christians as they usually call themselves. Most people who belong to certain cultures are still embracing their culture and practicing it regardless of what society says. They can move from villages to go live in suburbs or townships but remain true to their culture, they don’t adapt to modern ways no matter how long they stay in the suburbs, they still practice their culture. For example: Zulu people still do the umemulo and the umembeso ritual. Culture remains constant and it never changes some people are measured by society and they tend to choose the society over their own cultures because society’s expectations are rendered to be the best way of doing things, that is why we see people suffer from their calling they would rather deny their calling to please the society because if they accept their ancestral calling, they are called witch doctors. Everyone is born into their own different culture and from birth they practice their culture until they choose to go their separate way. Culture is something that has existed for years and it cannot change we just choose to avoid it. For example: boys and men no longer go to initiation schools for circumcision they prefer circumcising at hospitals.

Cultural identity through social media is formed when people speak their truth and teach others about their cultural beliefs. For example: I have seen posts on social media about different kinds of rituals of their cultures and the reason behind those rituals and in that manner, I got to learn about other cultures. Generations change over time so they need to be taught about their cultures and taken back to their social media is the best platform to do so because we are in the 4th industrial revolution whereby people depend more on social media platforms and can access information easily through social media. For example: when I feel l need to know more about a certain culture I go to social media and search for whatever it is that I need to know. Traditions represent a basic piece of our culture and form the structure and establishment of our families and our society. They remind us of who we are today and that we are part of a history that defines our past and who are likely to become. Tradition contributes a sense of consolation and belonging. It brings families together and empowers individuals to reconnect with companions. For example: My experience is that most of my family get to reconnect very well during traditional ceremonies because that is when we practice our culture and we are all the same.

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