Composer Biography – Music Appreciation-Composer BiographyPick a composer who has not been discussed in the course, and research the answers to the following questions. Please note that composer DOES NOT include pop music artist, rock band, or music producer. Please choose a composer who composes and notates art music (mostly classical; maybe jazz, film, or musical theater) for specific instrumentation for a concert venue.Composer: Born / Died:With which period or movement is this composer most commonly associated (i.e. Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque Period, Classical Period, Romantic Period, 20th Century)?In which country (or countries) did this composer live and write?What types (instrumental genres) of works is this composer famous for (i.e. string quartet, orchestra, choir, jazz trio, etc…)? Name at least three.List at least three of this composer’s most famous works.- Composer BiographyNow that you have learned about a composer’s background, select one of his or her most famous pieces and research it. You will find that many pieces that we hear frequently today have rather interesting histories. Answer the questions below thoroughly and thoughtfully. Name the piece of music. What year was the piece written?How old was the composer when the piece was written?Was the piece written to satisfy commission from either a person or an organization? That is, who paid the composer to write it originally? How do you think this person could have had an effect on the final product?Research the piece’s premier. Who performed it first? Where?Was it well liked at first? What did critics think of it? The public? Do you think it is more important for a composer to impress the critics or the general public? Why?

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