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In the book “The Cases that Haunt us” by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker it talk about different murders and murderers.Some of the Cases it talks about are the JonBenet Ramsey case and the Lindbergh kidnapping. All of the murder cases in the book are about unsolved cases even though it talk about Certain people they never found the murder of they never found that person guilty.They talk about most these case because they seem to stick throughout time and they are all the time.

The first Chapter in the book is about Jack the ripper.It’s about a serial killer the roamed the streets of London in the months of August and November of 1888 they referred to Jack the Ripper.They refer to theses as “one of the biggest crime stories of all time.”.At the times the murders happened they would refer to the East side of london as the “Abyss” because it was it was strange, distant and, fearful.At the times the murders happened the only thing they could use was stuff around the they didn’t have fingerprint analyse or a lot of the other things that we have now so its was much harder to find a murderer.Some of the cluse they had was behavioral cluses based on how the murder victims were left and the wound they says that he had us “blitz style’ based on the bruising on the face the book describes it as “to neutralize his potential victim quickly and unexpectedly before she could put up a defense.”. No one could find a motive for all of the killings but, they thought that it was the work of a sex maniac.In the book it says that the murder mostly went after homeless prostitutes so that if they were killed no one would really care.

Later one in the murders they thought that is was some kind of monster or a foreign species.The murders started to get “famous” so people started going to to the murder sites as if they were tourist attractions.While they were looking for the murderer rumor arose and one of the biggest rumors was about and leather apron that was by the victims.the rumor was that the police when around and asked “the ladies on the streets” about it and they said that someone called “Leather Apron” would go up to the girls a demand money and he wore the leather apron because he was a shoe maker.Later on in the murder arouse some postcards from Jack the Ripper that basically he wasn’t Leather Apron nor a Doctor.Needless to say that they would keep getting leads on who Jack the Ripper was but it always lead to a dead end so they never really found who the real murderer was.

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Chapter two was about Lizzie borden.Lizzie Borden was accused of killing her he father Andrew Borden and her step-mom Abby Borden in the nineteenth century.It was said that she had killer both her father and step-mother with either a hatchet or ans axe and with that being said a rhyme had come out because of the murders and went ¨Lizzie Borden took an axe gave her mother forty whacks once she saw what she had done she gave her father forty one¨.The murders happened on Thursday August 4, 1892.When they had first found Andrew Borden’s body it was almost unrecognizable there was also no other wounds on his body except for his head.When Maggie Sullivan and Alice Russell when up stairs they found another brutal discovery they hand found Abby on the floor of the spare bedroom propped on her knees lying face down.That night they had left Andrew and Abby’s bodies in the dining room on the table because they didn’t have anywhere else to store the bodies.Before Deputy Marshal John Fleet had questioned Lizzie borden if she had any ideas on who would have killed he father and step-mother and she said that her father and a man she didn’t know had gotten into an argument but other then that she didn’t have any idea.In the book it says the “Lizzie had seemed to many observers to be emotionally flats…” that became a key issue because you would think that someone who just lost their stepmother and their father.There was no sign of any break in and there was no sign of robbery so that means one they were either let in the house or snuck in and they were either killing for fun or hatred.When they had interviewed Lizzie her story had holes and a lot of them on of them of which was important because there was sign that Abby Borden ever left the house.Lizzie later when to trial and they had hired a Lawyer by the name of Andrew Jennings.Lizzie was later proven guilty and the case had went to the supreme court.She was later found not Guilty and she want to live the rest of her life with people hating her and no very many friends.

The fourth chapter is about the one and only Zodiac Killer.The Zodiac first killed a girl by the name of Cheri Jo Bates.They had no idea who killed this girl but they did get a letter from the killer that said she wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last and it also talked about how he killed her and who his next victim might be but, they weren’t sure if it was all true.They would keep getting notes from “Zodiac” but they never truly found out who he was.They called him The Zodiac Killer because he would leave zodiac signs where his victims were found he would also sign a Zodiac at the end of almost every letter he wrote.They never really found out who the real Zodiac Killer was even though they had a sketch of him they couldn’t find anyone that look like the sketch our resembled the sketch.

In Conclusion I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in unsolved murder cases.This book was very interesting to me because I like to know what it’s like to work with these types of cases.I also liked it because I like to know what would ever motivate someone to do theses kind of things and i also like to know how that could pull something off like that and feel no remorse.So if you are interested in any of those things i highly recommend this book.

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