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Changes are an essential element of development, which means that for an enterprise or an organization, a sudden change is rather a reason to accept the new knowledge and develop a new strategy rather than force the traditional style into the renewed organization.

Taking such an establishment as a non-profit organization known as Angel of Hope, one can possibly predict that, given the current changes, the organization strategy needs to be developed and brought to a new level.

Once realizing what [opportunities the organization can reach for, given all the peculiarities of a non-profit organization it is, one will be able to suggest the proper course for its further development and the dynamics of its growth.

First of all, to determine the course of conduct for the head of the organization and to suggest a certain solution, one needs to consider the peculiarities of the company, its current state of affairs and the type of services which its delivers.

Therefore, it can be considered that the organization is completely independent from any sort of patronage. If the situation did not demand immediate actions and certain funds, Angels of Hope would continue providing their aid to those in need.

The organization used to receive ax-deductible gifts and grants to be used for social amenities, which allows to suggest that, to deliver the goods to the people who need it, the organization uses the means of transportation which are considered the fastest. Consequently, the key thing which Angels of Hope pay large amount of money for is the time.

However, the organization also occasionally borrows money, which can be used as the way to survive the sudden change and to adjust to the rapidly changing environment (Zhu, 2007, 123). Despite the fact that borrowing will trigger the necessity to search for even more funds to return the borrowed money, the given policy can still be a way out for the time being while the organization is adjusting to the new environment.

However, there can be an even better way out of the give situation. A peculiar solution offered by the Muwamba (n. d.), the delivery of the goods to the regions which are the closest to the given affiliate of the organization does seem efficient. Likewise, other affiliates of the Angels of Hope will provide the nearby regions with the required help.

Thus, the maximum efficiency will be achieved with the minimum losses. According to Muwamba (n. d.), the given approach will allow a non-profit organization to “become more efficient in service delivery as the linkages have opened up more resources to them” (Muwamba, n. d.).

Another interesting idea which Muwamba offered as a means to raise funds for a non-profit organization and which can actually work for the Angles of Hope as well is engaging into capital campaigns to gain more weight and possibly an award; as Muwamba assures, several companies already “have engaged in capital campaign drives in which they request funding from the private sector with a clear proposal on how the funds will be used to improve their service delivery” (Muwamba, n. d.).

In addition, it can be possible to turn the delivery of the social services into an event which more people can learn about and which will be able to serve as a means to attract the people who can fund the organization. Waters, Burnett, Lamm and Lucas (2009) explain, the given tactics can be quite efficient when using the proper media:

Social media provide a variety of ways for users to become involved with organizations […] found that nonprofit organizations use social media to streamline their management functions, interact with volunteers and donors, and educate others about their programs and services. Through interactions with stakeholders on Facebook and other social media applications, organizations seek to develop relationships with important publics. (Waters, Burnett, Lamm & Lucas, 2009, 103)

It cannot be denied that the above-mentioned means of fundraising and efficient delivery of certain goods also have their flaws; among the most obvious ones, one must point out the fact that each of the strategies require great amount of time. However, given the existing state of affairs, the suggested approaches are the optimal decisions and the most winning scenario imaginable. Once the organization starts standing on its own feet and regains its financial status, the previous financial strategy can be suggested instead.

Thus, it is obvious that at present, the organization needs to reconsider its way of spending the money and distributing the funds. Since the organization does not aim at gaining money and does not strive on a commercial profit, it must be admitted that, in the given slot of time, when the organization has to survive considerable changes, the most appropriate decision will be to deliver the services with the minimum amount of money spent on the delivery.

Thus, the quality and the amount of the services will be guaranteed high, which is obviously the aim of the company. Once people realize that the organization aims at assisting a certain layer of population, it can be suggested that the fundraising will become easier with the help of sponsors.

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