In 2016 the World Bank and the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) estimated that nearly3 billion people and 200 million small and microenterprises (SMEs) had little or no access to formalfinancial services. Microfinance was established by the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh to help reachthe rural poor through the provision of financial services in the form of microloans in order to increasetheir quality of life and ensure economic survival.Critically evaluate whether microcredit has indeed been successful in increasing the quality of life ofthe most marginalized as claimed by general populace. Your evaluation must include sources of – 2 -demand for credit, providers of rural credit, the characteristics of rural credit markets and alternativecredit policies. A large literature claims that these initiatives have been a success. Conclude yourevaluation by assessing the limitations of this literature.==============================================================================================A well prepared one will be provided, based on the provided essay and articles, rewrite some parts of the essay to reach a different conclusion.

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