InstructionsFor the Unit V PowerPoint Presentation, you will continue to work on your
course project, and you will present on the ways in which your selected
organization will reduce errors in communication. Start by researching your organization, and determine if they have made an
error in communication through an advertisement, consumer policy, or verbal
actions to employees. If they have, you will explain that error in your
presentation. If not, please research another organization that has, and use
this as an example of a situation to avoid. Continuing in your role as the CEO of the organization you chose in the Unit
III Assignment, create a presentation to give to your employees that explains
the communication blunders and your solutions to avoid them in the future.
Include the components listed below in your presentation. If your organization committed a communication blunder, outline the
communication error and what went wrong (highlight the shortfalls).
If you researched an example, share the example with your
organization, and explain what happened and how you can learn from
it. Outline your suggested solution(s) to fix the problem and what processes
from Chapter 9 in your textbook can be implemented.Explain what your organization can learn from this mistake and ways to
improve communication in the future.Support your work with a references slide.Your completed PowerPoint presentation should include a minimum of seven
slides, not counting the title and reference slides. You must reference the
textbook at a minimum. I’ve presented on an organization called Aarmark for the last three weeks. The organization is losing an account with a college in which it provides food service to. there is a story at… that might be helpful. Utilizing more “Direct Communication with Top Management” could be the process to help solve some of the break down in communication.

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