Needs Assessment-What is it and why do we do it?… Needs Assessment:(PDF is also located in Resource File ) Training/Professional Needs Assessment:… Employee Training Needs Assessment: Instructions: Read the material at the sites listed in the Week 2 Lessons folder to help guide you in understanding needs with relation to your management problem. Complete a Needs Assessment by submitting a 2-4 page paper discussing the client’s needs with relation to the management problem you are studying. Submission Instructions:Upload your paper to your Week 2 assignment folder. Some questions you can explore to help you are: What is the problem? How is the desired performance related to the current performance? How does the desired performance relate to the mission statement? Is the problem organization-wide or isolated to one or a few individuals? Have organizational initiatives created the problem? Does the problem relate to individual performance issues? Is training adequate to support the desired outcome? Is the issue related to job design? What criteria are used to measure performance? Is performance criteria appropriate, i.e. attainable and measurable? This list is not all inclusive and is a guide to support you when completing a Needs Assessment.They are provided to help you get started and inspire questions to explore.

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