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My teenage years sparked a desire to know why my classmates suffered from attention or eating disorders and certain depressions that led to unhealthy behaviors such as cutting themselves, which quickly became more of a curiosity in human development. When I was in high school, I experienced a good friend of mine plunge into depression by cutting herself. It pained me to watch her suffer emotionally. Her boyfriend of two years had left her for another girl. I tried to encourage her and be there for her through her emotional pain reassuring her that she would find someone better. She shut me out and became withdrawn. Her boyfriend was the center of her world and it affected her confidence and her self-esteem. I convinced her to get help from the school counselor but she would miss the schedules. She later dropped out of school. High school is not just a really difficult time for many teenagers but also a human development transition period to early adulthood where they have to consider what to do before and after college. Many have problems at home and are in relationships that can have a significant impact on their academic achievement. Sadly, my friend did not graduate from high school. This made me realize I wanted to be a counselor and help others in similar situations.

Counseling has been an integral part of my life. For several years, It was part of my life indirectly from an abrupt emotional trauma in a friend counseling session or me in a counselor’s office. There were many times in my life when I needed a counselor. Whether it was choosing courses, talking about my own struggles, or about self-esteem; counselors played a big role in my life, and am forever indebted to them. They helped me believe in myself and in my dreams.

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I have always been intrigued with human behavior and understanding how the mind works, so as to enable people to lead better lives. In this respect, I have been very fond of working with people. It is this intrigue that makes counseling such a desirable subject for me. I have been working with youths in my catholic church and sometimes offering counseling to them. It has been a wonderful opportunity to help teenagers who have experienced similar situations to those faced by my friend or who are caught up in the middle of their parent’s side. I remember, one teenager confiding in me that he is being asked to choose sides between her mother and father. I empathized with her and offered counsel. This helped me to obtain experience and insight into the best way to help other people with problems. Through my Master’s degree, I believe I will understand how better to support them. I want to learn best how counseling techniques can empower people to live quality lives.

My life experiences have also made me into what I am now. My resilience through difficult times and the ability to persevere in the face of difficulties make me special. I set out to prove that those who challenged me were mistaken with every opportunity I was offered. And now I can tell that I’m going to graduate from college. This is a personal triumph for me and my family. Becoming a qualified counselor implies satisfying the dream of my heart, quenching my intellectual curiosity, and at the same time reinventing my career at a new stage.

My intention to pursue the study of counseling arises from an early curiosity about the role of the brain. After finishing high school, I enrolled for a Bachelor of Psychology at Orange Coast College and later transferred to California State University Sacramento from August 2018 to May 2019 I was awarded an Associate in Arts for Transfer in the fall of 2017. At first, I had a hard time. I was away from home for the first time and was also coping with family problems. As such, my marks did not indicate my full potential. However, my grades have risen consistently every semester, as my transcripts indicate. I liked psychology at the end of my first year because it was intriguing, so I decided to learn more. In my second and third years, I researched Social Psychology, Abnormal Behavior, and Observational Analysis. I became intrigued by the workings of the human mind and how a person has an effect on his feelings, thoughts, and behavior. I was interested in reading about different disorders of the brain with a particular focus on mental illness and abnormal trends. I am currently an undergraduate student and on track to graduate this spring semester with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I transferred from Orange Coast College. I am currently attending California State University Fullerton. I majored in psychology because I was interested in how the human mind works and how it processes information. I also want to use my acquired knowledge and life experiences to help others, and that is why I am applying for a Master’s in Counseling. It will enhance my capacity to empathize and to help others and it will place me in an ideal situation, to understand the human mind’s ability and help people through their tough struggles. I am very interested in what makes people unique and how different factors shape our lives. I also want to know what makes us special and how different factors impact our lives. Ideally, I want to be a specialist in family health. At one point in our lives, everyone is hurting, and helping someone is a wonderful opportunity. Moreover, psychology study gave me something other topics didn’t, a deeper comprehension which will assist me in my future profession in counseling. As a college student I was interested in abnormal psychology and the changes that happen on a physiological as well as psychological basis to result in visible pathologies’ was very interested in how early depression and late depression could be characterized differently.

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