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Medical marijuana is a trendy new treatment option that is becoming popular in a variety of states in the United States and around the world. The infrastructure and business is relatively new to the world, but the medicinal qualities of cannabis have been used for centuries dating back to its use in traditional Chinese medicine as far back as the first century AD (Parker 2017). Of the states that have legalized marijuana, the patient outcomes are outstanding, but there is still a copious amount of research that needs to be done.

Unfortunately, this option is not offered to everyone due to its drug scheduling and federal prohibition. There is also a great deal of social stigma associated with cannabis use. There are a few legislative and maybe even some cultural changes that need to happen before a system can be implemented and taken advantage of to the maximum extent. Some states have already begun to reap the benefits of such a system, but there are still barricades and complications in those states that could be eliminated.

The aim of this paper is to promote awareness of the benefits and medicinal properties of cannabis along with the plant’s potential to raise patient satisfaction rates. Due to the nature of the topic this essay will include an overview of some ailments it is used for, information on costs and average patient spending, information pertaining to the potential for improved patient satisfaction outcomes along with personal interviews, and a comparison of where the United States is on the journey to legalization, and where the United States needs to go. The legalization of marijuana for medical use would provide high levels of patient satisfaction along with potentially saving on expenditures; all while promoting a patient-centric delivery system which could offer an affordable alternative solution to all facets of society including the uninsured.

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