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McDonald’s is a world brand of fast food that occupies biggest part of the global market segmentation. McDonald’s has taken its place in Australian market. Thus, the sphere of fast food, like any other, needs to be both constantly controlled to avoid the mistakes and failures in work and improved to be on the same level or even on the higher one in the sphere of functioning. This paper will focus on two points, the issues in the organization of McDonald’s business in Australia and on the recommendations that may be offered to improve the quality and managing in the sphere.

McDonald’s in Australia as an Independent Structure

McDonald’s is an American brand and it is not surprising that fast food restaurants in different countries are perceived as the part of American heritage. According to Louise Fleming’s research that was conducted in 2000, “McDonald’s Australia is 90 per cent owned by United States parent companies and the remaining 10 per cent is owned by local management” (Fleming 60). Australia works hard to adapt McDonald’s image to national peculiarities and for now, McDonald’s in Australia “is no longer perceived as American import” (Bell and Hollows 89). Hard work has been provided to defuse global tension and implement particular actions to suit particular national Australian identities (Bell and Hollows 89). So, there is a tendency to nationalization of McDonald’s in Australia and cultural appropriation for it.

Group Viewpoints with Regard to Organization Issues

There are different issues that should be followed by any organization, thus, there are some problems the companies may face. The first issue that should be checked in McDonald’s in Australia is the staff and the functions it performs. There are great complaints customers express in the regard to McDonald’s staff. The problems may be connected with the crew member errors, as well as with overstaffing and understaffing. Understaffing is the problem that touched customers who have to stand long queues. Overstaffing means the double expenses for the head of the restaurant and problems with job performance as many people try to do the same work at the same time.

The evaluation of the work is to be provided in the sub-ordinate way. The McDonald’s in Australia is the company with hierarchical structure, so control and work evaluation should be completed only by the higher manager. Different controversial questions should be solved in the presence of the higher manager or other company representative. Inconsistency and other manager faults can occur, still, it does not mean that the problems should not be decided in time. The constant manager failures and inconsistency may lead to the change of the position or even dismissal. These problems should be considered straight by the head of the department. Stock and financial variance are the problems of the heads of the departments and restaurants. Simple workers should not meddle in. The productivity of the working process should be counted by the human resources management.

Recommendations and Improvements: Suggestions with Regards to McDonald’s in Australia

Such huge structure like McDonald’s in Australia needs to be controlled and improved all the time. Considering the main peculiarities of the structure and functioning of the organization, a number of different suggestions and recommendations should be given. First, McDonald’s should direct its services not only to customers, but also to product. The situation is that people in Australian McDonald’s are hired on the lower positions with the opportunity for career planning. Thus, the company should care of hiring people for higher positions with appropriate education and practical experience. The staff selection should be transparent to support the positive image of the brand in Australia. Moreover, as the company gives employees an opportunity for career planning, the appropriate training courses on different levels should be established. To improve the performance of the managers, the feedback session should be provided for encouraging them. Moreover, the training should be offered to all employees, without regarding to the time they occupied the position. One of the variants for training that may be offered is the reality role playing. Such technique will allow understanding the proficiency of the work performance of managers and their readiness to the achievement of the next level in career. 360-degree feedback system is a great opportunity for the managers to understand the level of cohesion of employees. Moreover, this system will allow employees understanding of the problems they have and to consider them from other people’s opinion (McDonalds Corporation).

Thereby, there are great many of different problems an Australian McDonalds may face with. In fact, all these problems may be easily decided. The paper represented a number of issues and recommendations that can be used for improving the quality of the services offered in Australian fast food sphere. The recommendations are connected with different problems, so the reorganization according to the presented pieces of advice may influence different spheres in the Australian McDonald industry.

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