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Human beings have a wide array of distinct behaviors. And with regards to their conduct, it is contingent on numerous aspects. Their behavior is a mix of superficial facts inclusive of age and health; mental and physical, and deep-level characteristics, for instance, beliefs, ethics, perspective, personality, upbringing, life experiences with family, friends, and in general people. Every minuscule element has a compact and altogether dominates a person’s behavior.

Even so what as a whole, determines or influences the actions of a person? It is tough to pinpoint the precise cause of the behavior in humans as humans are unpredictable creatures yet there is a method to the madness.

When it comes to the character of Macbeth, he appears a brave, courageous, fearless, and honorable man but the instant he hears the prophecy of the witches and sees it taking form, he begins to slip into the darker side. He debates killing the King though almost immediately after the first notion, terror grips him. Now, the witches haven’t urged him to murder so the prevalence of this thought is without a doubt a result of some internal force of his character.

However, the dispute Macbeth has in his head comes to a direct stop when his wife decides for him. She vehemently urges Macbeth to become a snake, lying in wait of its prey, and forces him to kill the king, by manipulating him with lies of glory and manhood. He efficiently kills the king in his sleep at his wife’s orders. Here his actions are stimulated by an external force, i.e., his spouse.

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His caving into such horrendous acts exhibits more of his character; his lack of strength for standing up for his beliefs and ethics, lacking the cap potential to stand up for himself, in essence, his willingness to murder deep inside the heart.

After killing the King, it appears Macbeth has opened a world of murders, lies, deceit and all matters evil for himself. Drunk and blind to greed, He thinks of methods to dispose of Banquo and his son Fleance so that he can pass the throne to his children. He commands someone else to carry out his grimy deed. He killed the king at the insistence of his wife, however, from that point on, every evil thought to crossed his mind was a product of his imagination and a reflection of his evolved character.

Additionally, his hiring others to pave his dirty way reveals more of his character. Now, his perspective and actions are prompted by his persona. He has no one to blame except himself. Macbeth falls so deep down the rabbit hole that he hires murderers to kill the families of those he thinks have betrayed him only for the sake of his peace of mind.

His ambition destroys him from the inside out, and losing his sense of everything humane he continues his route to destruction which he, himself is at fault for as his conscious led him to commit murder after murder. And from here on out, whatever he does is a demonstration of his character and who he is as a man which led to his untimely demise.

Thus to conclude, Macbeth’s first murder could be blamed on his wife who was an external pressure, however, each step he took after that was out of his own accord and was determined by some component of his psychology.

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