Recommendations Report and Plan of ActionAll of your assignments in this course have led to this one—a recommendations report that includes a plan of action for each recommendation, directed to the agency of your choice (see the suggestions below). Now it is time to synthesize your prior work and much of the information you have read about and researched in this course into your final assignment.Complete these three parts for your assignment.Part 1: Description of AudienceIt is always important to understand the audience for your recommendation report; it helps ensure you are writing a report that is appropriate for it. For this recommendation report, you must choose an audience. Some ideas of who your audience could be include the Long Term Care Professional Leadership Council, the National Council on Aging, or the board of a long-term care agency (such as an assisted living facility, an agency that provides home-based services, or a hospice). Describe the audience for your report and plan of action. Explain why this is an appropriate audience for your report.Part 2: Recommendations Report and Plan of ActionComplete the following:Select a major problem area in the long-term continuum of care. This can be the same problem area you used in your Unit 7 assignment or a different one. Identify any ethical considerations related to this problem area.Identify 10 (total) specific recommendations based on best practices you have identified in your research, including 2 of your own original ideas, directed toward the problem area you identified. Do not be afraid to think outside the box when developing your recommendations. Make sure all the recommendations except for the 2 original ones you developed are grounded in research.For each of the 10 recommendations, develop a plan of action for improving the problem area. Your plan of action under each recommendation should include:A clear statement of long-term continuum of care goal(s) to be achieved.Organization(s) to be involved, including potential public/private partnership(s).Information system components, if any, required to support the enactment of the plan.A description of how the action plan results will be evaluated.Part 3: Application of Leadership StyleMake a case for how the preferred leadership style you chose in Unit 7 would be the best leadership style to promote the implementation of your recommendations and plan of action. Include how your preferred leadership style would address ethical considerations related to the major problem area you identified in Part 2.

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