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Weber and Web Talent represent internet marketing agencies with different approaches to clients and their specialty. As per Weber, it appears to have an understandable and intelligible website that aims at attracting customers with a wide array of services. While it persuades a target customer by giving an abundance of testimonials and successful projects, it might lack the professional tone that the other agency has. As it concerns Web Talent, its website design is more minimalistic (“Web Talent,” n.d.). The website’s strength is the detailed descriptions of the Internet marketing services they provide, but the weakness would be a lack of engagement with the customer. I think that Weber is more attractive for customers since it presents information in a comprehensive and accessible way and leaves no room for vagueness by giving explicit detail of their specialization (“Weber,” n.d.). It also allows potential clients to see their specific scope of work, a wide variety of completed projects, and their clients’ current success. While the other website evokes an impression of being professional, it is harder for potential clients to see why this particular service is better than the competitors.

Although no company can be proficient in every aspect of marketing, Weber seems to have an extensive set of tools and opportunities for both traditional and Internet marketing. I would focus on Weber for both aspects since I believe that this approach will lead to the best results in terms of the cohesiveness of the marketing campaign. Given that the same company will do both traditional and Internet marketing, I can expect a campaign that will have a consistent theme with no need for additional coordination.


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