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This is the life of the greatest rapper. This is the story of Eminem and his challenges. The story of his obstacles, style, and how he is one of the greatest. What were the key factors that made Eminem successful? They were that he had many obstacles to overcome, developed a unique style, and the struggles that made him great. This made him one of the best.

Eminem had to face many obstacles when he started his career. One of the main challenges he had to face was his race; Eminem was not respected because he was white and the majority of rappers were African American. All of these young rappers wanted to become famous and it is really hard to do that, but it was harder for Eminem because he was white. This was his disadvantage, and he knew that. Eminem would go to local rapping competitions to practice his art, but people would not take him seriously, so he practiced rhyming with different words and wanted to prove to people that he can rap even though he is white. So, everywhere he went, he usually brought a notebook with him to practice writing song lyrics. And one day Eminem went to the local rapping club where people would pay to see two people rap battling and whoever won was the better rapper and got some money. So, Eminem decided that he was going to perform, so when the show started the guy, he was against starting rapping and was throwing shade at him. Next up was Eminem, he had one minute to rap about what whatever he wanted. He took the mike and just froze for a minute and just started staring into the crowd and saying nothing. The crowd began to boo and Eminem was in disbelief, the crowd was saying thing like he sucks and he can’t rap.

Another one of Eminem challenges was that he grew up super poor. Eminem grew up on Eight Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan, with his mother and his mother’s different boyfriends in a trailer park home with other people. People say that Eminem lived in a poor black neighborhood. “Everyone thought he was racially confused because he would talk Ebonics, like black people would, and he’d wear big baggy clothes, necklaces, baseball hats backward”, says Jennifer Yezback, a longtime friend of Eminem. Being poor did not help Eminem become a professional rapper, so he tried to keep performing in different areas and was hoping to be noticed. Eminem growing up in a black neighbor, white people would be calling him a wigger, because they were saying he was singing black people music.

Another obstacle that Eminem had to face was his troubled childhood. Eminem’s father abandoned him and Eminem’s family when he was little. His mother Deborah Mathers was addicted to drugs and alcohol, also Eminem was bullied by different kids at different schools when he was a kid. Eminem’s mother was ill and has a disorder called Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Eminem’s mother never had a job for a long time and would try to make money by concocting lawsuits. His mother’s impact affected him Eminem in high school, Eminem failed ninth grade three times, so he dropped out of high school at the age of seventeen. After Eminem dropped out of high school, he got in trouble with the police: he got arrested for shooting cars with a paintball gun.

Eminem compared to other rappers has a unique rapping style. He started rapping when he was twelve to fourteen years old. Lots of rappers focus on how cool they are and how there the best, but Eminem admits in a lot of his music that he is messed up and crazy. Most rappers are rhyming at a fast pace, but no one has seen a faster rapper that Eminem. Eminem is at the very top of the list when it comes to fastest rapper because of his hard-core dedication to practicing writing. There are lots of great rappers who are poets like Tupac, but Eminem is a different type of poet, Eminem can express his life stories in any way he wants in his songs by using his great vocabulary. Eminem expresses himself in an aggressive way, sometimes he is singing his heart out when he raps, like in the song ‘Lose Yourself’. In this song he is saying that he has one shot to prove to everyone that he can rap, even though a lot of people didn’t respect him because he is white. Eminem said that he was terrible at math and history, but he was always good at English because he had a lot of words in his vocabulary.

There are a lot of things that made Eminem’s style different than other rappers. Eminem came from a white family, but grew up in an African American community. Like how tough it was to be a white rapper, because he was one of the only white rappers who wanted to become famous. It was also hard for Eminem because the rap industry is predominately African American, so it was hard for him because his fans and haters have never seen this before, so they would through negative comments. This is another thing that I think affected his style. In Eminem’s music he describes all off his struggles through his childhood and starting out as a rapper. It was a whole new style for people that listened to hip hop, because people would think that this is a joke that a white man is singing black music, which is untrue. Most of the black rappers came from an African American community Eminem was white and came from an African American community too.

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Eminem changed the rap game in many ways. He became the first great famous white rapper. He made a different genre for rap and inspired other people to become rappers. Eminem becoming one of the first famous white rappers, which makes him iconic, so in one hundred years when we look at white rappers in the future, Eminem will still be one of the greatest of all time, not just for white rappers, but black rappers too. Eminem is the original white rapper because he fought to be a rapper, because he loved it so much. That’s why there are more white rappers rapping because of Eminem, without Eminem it probably would have taken a lot longer for a white rapper to emerge.

There are a lot of things that made Eminem great, but he has some things that made him great before he even became famous. Like how he is one of the best lyricists in the hole rap community. Eminem is one of the best lyricists in the rap game because of his dedication to writing in his notebook. Rappers in Eminem’s prime time will talk about the three main things: money, girls, drugs. But Eminem talks about that stuff and a lot of other things in a clever way. Eminem starts his song ‘The Real Slim Shady’ with the first sentence, “Y’all act like you never seen a white person before”. Eminem means that his audience is surprised that a white man is singing rap. So, this is his way of making fun of them. This shows his clever sense of rap style and that’s what makes him one of the all-time greats. Also, Eminem’s style is so fast that when you’re listening to some of his songs, you can’t even comprehend what he is saying. That’s why he is considered one of the fastest rappers to ever live.

Eminem becoming the iconic famous white rapper made him great, but who did he look up to before he turned into Eminem. A 2018 documentary ‘The Orchard’ says that Eminem’s influences were the Beasty Boys because they were the closest thing to the first white rappers. Eminem also liked Dr. Dre, before he signed Eminem. By battling his haters and becoming famous caused him to be a role model for young kids to become rappers or just do what they love. That’s why in the twenty first century there are more white rappers, and also Mexican and Chinese rappers, because people like Eminem inspire them. Current white rappers like Macklemore and G-Eazy probably weren’t scared to become rappers because they already saw what man try to do it. For what Eminem did, there are now rappers of every race.

The last thing that made Eminem great was that he came from nothing and then turned into something. A lot of rappers lie from where they come from and act like they grew up in the worst place possible and now there at the top because the rich and famous.

But Eminem started at rock bottom the minute he was born, his father abandoned him when he was little. And Eminem didn’t have any father figures until his uncle Rony, who was a brother to him. A 2018 documentary ‘The Orchard’ says that Eminem and Rony were very close, and later uncle Rony committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun. This was very hard for Marshal because Eminem just had his abusive mother and no father figures around. And later, when Eminem tried to start a rapping career, it was very hard and he was always disrespected because he grew up in an African American community. By completing all those obstacles Eminem is considered one of the best rappers of all time.

Everyone thought that Eminem was done with making music, but Eminem came out with a surprise album in 2018 called ‘Kamikaze’. Newer rappers are being considered some of the best, and Eminem is still an icon, but Eminem still wanted to be the greatest rapper to live. So, he made this album to claim his throne and stay there so that no one takes it. The really new rappers that are one hit wonders are disrespecting the OG’s like Eminem and saying there better than him. So, Eminem makes fun of all these rappers who made fun of him, that’s why Eminem dropped this album. By dropping this, Eminem didn’t just prove that he is still is the best, but he proved that he is still relevant in the rap game.

Summing up, this essay discussed the obstacles that Eminem had to face, and how his style is unique compared to other rappers. And also, the things that made Eminem great, like how he is the first iconic white rapper, and how he came from nothing into something because he pushed through racial barriers. These were the factors that made him great. This is why Eminem is not just considered one of the best rappers of all time, but one of the best artists of all time.

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