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The overall meaning behind Life of Pi is pretty clear once one gets halfway through his sea journey, and even if you were to just read the last three chapters and see what is revealed at the end when Pi is forced to tell a different experience of the story to Japanese investigators, Mr.Okamoto and Mr. Chiba, with every detail of cannibalism and savagery, one can only cringe while reading the terrible tale Pi is put forward to tell. Readers, figure out the story with the sailor who had a broken leg, a French cook, Piscine, and Pi’s mother, Amma.

We eventually understand that the zebra is, in fact, the sailor, the hyena is really the cook, and the orangutan turns out to be Piscine’s mother, and the tiger better known as Richard Parker, is actually Pi’s survival instinct and inner structure. Finally, Pi simply asks the author and Japanese men, “Which story do you prefer?” To understand the true meaning within the story, which is made to be “a story that will make you believe in God”, we need to realize that the story is not about Piscine and the face-to-face struggles he deals (Richard Parker) but a metaphoric or inner struggle we deal with and questions that involve the meaning of faith and our belief. Life of Pi is a story that puts us in the worst-case situation. The story pushes the reader to find out about how and who you are on a level higher than just what is in front of you and even spirituality.

On top of the meaning of life and why we live from day to day, with what most think is no true purpose, in the most horrible and terrible way anyone could think of. It is by surviving, fighting, and making sense of all that could and does go wrong in the world and even right, that helps us understand the bigger meaning of man/women. More than obvious, Piscine and the reader most definitely preferred the story of animals and positive thoughts and prayers, which ultimately guides Pi to understanding everything he has gone through. He was also carried to survival and meeting his lovely wife whom he then has kids with a great new beginning.

The second story Pi gives the investigators is about humans in a state of being scared, ripped from comfort, and terrified only to then be led to a heartbroken and life-shattering moment that would seem to ultimately end in a terrible slow death. Life of Pi can mean several things to a religious follower, but one event that might stick out like a sore thumb is that throughout the entire story, there is an abandonment by God. Another notable event that happens next to this abandonment is that it becomes very noticeable and almost ironic that God was actually by Piscine’s side at every moment to keep finding strength and pushing through. In the end, Pi finally realizes that the tiger, Richard Parker, is actually his savior and sole purpose in life. Looking at something a little harder to understand.

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The raft represents the dynamics of Pi’s belief system. The small self-built raft also shows readers, how our faith is self-built as well. It is something that we as readers and Pi had and have to construct in order to be effective in our lives. The raft is the most important part of the story, it is the force of God that ultimately brings him to land and people. The force that changes him into the person he becomes at the end. Sometimes our challenges are what make us, us. What pushes us to become more? What bigger challenge can there be than being trapped and having to survive 227 days at sea with an adult Bengal tiger? Something to grasp is if that tiger is our own fear, anxiety, and depression. It must mean that it is also our beliefs in faith that help us defeat the never-ending sea that Pi deals with during his unwanted travels. However, just as Pi finds peace with his beliefs and within himself, this could also mean that we should find peace within as well.

A hunter had captured Richard Parker and when releasing him to the people he misplaced his name with the name that was meant for the tiger, Thirsty, on the paperwork. Richard Parker’s real name was lost due to a clerical error. A reader might find it ironic as to where else a small Indian boy and a tiger, that was supposed to be named Thirsty, in the middle of the ocean, stuck in a dainty raft surrounded and floating on top of the very water that you can’t have that you could still die of thirst? So many people are unable to understand faith, and customs, and believe in what they can not see. From any religious person’s point of view, one might see Pi’s story in the same sense that God is actually all around and inside us. The sea steals Piscine’s family from him. Scaring him with sharks, whipping and playing with Pi by tossing him from wave to wave. While this is all happening, the ocean is also giving his life purpose and meaning.

Everything that happens to him and Richard Parker, like raining fish, currents guiding him the Mexico, and magical islands of algae that carry fresh water during the day and acidic water during the night killing fish and anything with life on its surface. While on this island though, Pi has everything to survive It also takes his reason to live not forgotten, in the end, he winds up with more wisdom than he could have ever had. One last ironic strip is The Tsimtsum. “which describes an idea from the Jewish Kabbalah teachings of Isaac Luria, a rabbi, and mystic who is mentioned elsewhere in Life of Pi. The concept of tzimtzum says that God withdrew or contracted his infinite light in order to create the universe. This purposeful concealment left “empty space” for the cosmos and free will.” excerpt from litcharts. Everyone inside Life of Pi, Becomes a component of one’s inner being, but only at a spiritual understanding of course, Richard Parker is Piscine’s aggressive-headed self, Orange juice the orangutan, represents and shows the reader love that might come from a person in a close-knit relationship would have.

The savage hyena is the evil cook, willing to do anything to survive. Our poor zebra, fragile and weak, is a young sailor from the Tsimtsum with a broken leg, This represents the innocence of a childlike nieveness and the first to die in the story and among the soul. All of these characteristics are essential for the building blocks of who we are as people. In the final analysis and overview of the story, “Pi” is a term that can never be fully imagined due to its infinite number sequence, the same way that Life of Pi is incomprehensible. Life of Pi is also an all-out war between religion and science. The message gathered from the author starts at the beginning when he talks about his hard times with his first book and travels to find inspiration, you can never give up your beliefs. Beliefs in yourself, your visions, and anything you put your efforts into should be done with all of you as a whole. Everything comes together easily as Pi.

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