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In the words of the sage Ashtakvarga: “Bondage is created when the mind needs something or it grieves for something, rejects or holds on to something or it is pleased or displeased about something. Liberation is when the mind is no longer attached to anything”.

The human body undergoes a transformation from a newborn to youth and to old. The soul moves from one body to another after death and the body undergoes changes every moment. We should rejoice our presence on this earth, the present moment, as time will not repeat itself.

People who are not attached to the moment move on and live in the present. People who remain attached to past live a life like a dead person who is unable to move as his senses (emotions) are stuck to the past, while; those who are consistently thinking about the future are wasting their energies in unpredictability. As a result, they suffer from a mental (or psychological) handicap where they are unable to enjoy the present.

We need to see ourselves as soul, not bounded to any variable – time, person or thing. Some of us live in self-created pains that turn into chronic mental suffering. It is very simple: if you are hurt by somebody at some time and if you are continuously thinking about it, it will only increase the pain and not resolve what has already happened.

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All the human emotions of pain, loss or failure are only restricted to the body. People are born with certain karma attached to the body, that they need to perform to get rid of the karmic debts. All humans suffer in some form or another. Instead of thinking and rethinking about what, when, why, we should concentrate on the Higher Self – the God, who can clear all the debts and eliminate all the pains of life. A person who has learned the meaning of Self and the Supreme can see the world is changeable, the human body is changeable, and the only thing which remains with us is the soul.

In ‘Bhagavat Gita’ Lord says that you need to fulfill your worldly duties and become an enlightened soul during the process of fulfilling the responsibilities of the body. It says that there is no one who can remain without action even for a moment. Indeed, all beings are compelled to act by their qualities born of material nature.

It is necessary to let go of the past and live in the present. Maybe the soul is in the last phase of the cycle of births/deaths, and the sufferings are the last part of the story of the soul’s journey before liberation. The path of spirituality is designed in the manner that one can clear the debts of many births and easily become a free soul. Lord Krishna states: “If you abandon your social duties, it creates a discord in the minds of those who follow your footsteps. One should conduct the worldly duties without any motive of a personal reward, because when you are on the path of spirituality, your requirements cannot be fulfilled just by the materialistic way of thinking”.

People, who are in the present moment, are now on the path of God, surrender themselves completely to Him and are not distracted by anything, to allow the Lord to determine their fate.

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