Mini Case AnalysisDue: Jun 7, 2019 at 12:59 AMSelect one of the three Cases from the document “Mini Cases” provided in your References File;Review/Evaluate the case you selected from the perspective of Lewin’s Force Field Analysis:Define the problem;Define the change objective;Identify the driving forces;Identify the restraining forces; andDevelopment of a comprehensive change strategy.Determine what you think the issues areand a way that you think an Org Development Manager or Consultant should begin to look at the issues;Find no less than three sources of researchon the subject matter using Webster’s Library, Harvard Business Review, or Google Scholar.Your paper should be written in MS Word and APA, and consist of:A Cover page;At lease 1-1/2 pages of narrative;Reference Page.P.S. your textbook reading from last we will also support this assignment.Thoughts on Conducting ResearchDue: Jun , 2019 at 8:59 AMPlease share the following:What was your experience like in finding the necessary three references for your paper;What sources where easy/difficult, and why;Which case did you select, and briefly state what you identified as their underly problem;Did you find Lewin’s Theory enough to use for analyzing the case, or did you use any of the four environmental analysis tools?……if so, why?Also share one reference article that you found to be a very good source.

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