Lab Report Expectation Guide.

This guideline is aimed at helping you clarify all lab report expectations. You are always free to add new notes from your tutor’s feedbacks. Be sure to refer to this guide each time you want to write a lab report. Wholly, the report you write should always be neat, and most importantly formatted uniformly. In today’s technological era your report should appear professional. Never forget obvious, simple rules like no contractions and no slang.


A lab report title must be a complete statement that states the purpose and experiment method. Scientists. A title is meant to be descriptive and accurate, but not wordy.


An Abstract is a one paragraphed summary of the entire experiment, Inclusive of the resorts and conclusions. For shorter lab reports, this section is not necessary.

The Abstract should include the following.

  • Title
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion


This section should be inform of paragraphs with three major subsections connected The length of this section is completely dependent on the size of the assignment/ experiment. Remember to include the word ‘introduction’ as this sections heading

  • Purpose

First state the purpose of the experiment. Clearly sate the purpose in  one to three sentences. Make a clear explanation of what you exactly intend to discover with the experiment at hand.

  • Background Information:

Here in be sure to state every known information regarding the topic  of experiment. This sections should be researched and the sources cited.  This section will be a few paragraphs for smaller lab reports and a few pages for the longest lab reports.

  • Hypothesis

 The hypothesis should be one sentence long and should be the last sentence of the introduction.


This section needs to be fully complete with all items sizes being essential if the size is to be considered, The temperature should also be be included if the temperature matters in the experiment. A true Scientist only uses the metric system. The  format should be in bullets.

The word ‘‘Materials’’ should be included as a heading section.


  • 6*250 ml beaker
  • tap water, room temperature
  • 5*strips of black construction paper( 5 cm*25 cm)


In this section make sure you mention all details. The rule herein is to make sure that, If you give a person in any part of the globe your report, he/ she can duplicate the experiment. Number the steps you use. This sections heading should the word ‘‘Method’’


In this section, Report the outcome(s) of your experiment. Specify what your experiment measured and provide the exact data. Be sure to include the calculations and equations. Here you may or may not include the data interpretations. You may separate the interpretations and conclusions under separate headings


Under the conclusions, comment on the outcomes of a test. You may also speculate about the implications of the results or even the methods used in obtaining the results. As a student you are obligated to interpret your results and make recommendations for further research.

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