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The history of Kudler Fine Foods gives a clear picture of how positive external and internal environmental factors contributed to the success of the company. The company is wholly dedicated to managing external forces of marketing trends, complying with markets’ legislation, and reckoning with government actions and demographics. Internally, Kudler Fine Foods has managed its personnel, structure, hardware, and infrastructure very well (Apollo Group, 2007).

Kudler Fine Foods started with the founder’s vision of supplying varieties of foods coupled with good ethics of fair pricing to the customers (Apollo Group, 2007). The founder’s concept was a reality and between 1998 and 2003, it was so successful that three stores in different locations had already been established and operational. Promoting local contractors is another in-house attribute of Kudler Fine Foods. All the stores of the firm are sourced from external contractors.

Although the firm could build its own, the management decided to lease. This is goodwill towards the competitors of the business. The stores located in 21 different countries stock over 250 varieties of cheese, 350 types of fruits, organic and non-organic produce as well as different varieties of wine and soft beverages from many international suppliers. This is evident that Kudler Fine Foods is taking seriously the diverse aspects of global behaviors emanating from religion, ethnicity, and culture (Apollo Group, 2007).

Kudler Fine Foods is a strong company and has several attributes, which include: Operations – the stores operatives are well organized and disciplined; marketing and sales – a wide range of customers are well served and communication is efficient; inbound and outbound logistics – goods are stored, distributed, received from the suppliers and sent to customers via retailers systematically and harmoniously; and firm Infrastructure – mechanisms are in place for accounting, strategic and corporate planning. Other attributes include human resource management, acquisition of goods, equipment advancement, and serving clients well (Agecon, 2010; Apollo Group, 2007).

Security measures are in place and are adequately incorporated into the day-to-day running of the business. Software used for running the firm’s data bank is available, updated, and tested to ensure there are no pitfalls in business invoicing documentation. Power blackouts are not tolerated. Standby generator sets are installed to provide an emergency power supply. The safety of the personnel, customers, facilities, and equipment is an important management issue and features very well in the company’s operation agenda. Kudler Fine Foods has both in-house and external experts to carry out the noble functions that go along with inventory management. Modern technology is in place to facilitate this (Apollo Group, 2007; Dobbins, 2010).

Kudler Fine Foods has also been very successful in addressing and tackling external issues both locally and internationally. Customers are able to choose many varieties of foods at any time of the day and at very reasonable prices. Customers are accorded the power to be able to place their favorite orders. Also, suppliers are accorded the power to supply what they are capable of and profitable for them.

This has generated strong goodwill for Kudler Fine Foods among its customers and suppliers both locally and internationally and has facilitated the firm to compete very well among its existing rival firms (Apollo Group, 2007). Kudler Fine Foods conducts product promotions by offering free training to both existing and prospective customers. This marketing strategy has made the products very popular and built confidence in customers. Additionally, extended sales by virtue of networking have resulted in tremendous sales growth for the firm.

Quality assurance is another area Kudler Fine Foods is fully committed to. The firm ensures that the products are fresh daily. The firm has developed a culture of treating customers as kings. If the customer is not satisfied with the products for one reason or the other, doors are open for negotiations and compensations. Returns of goods that have not met the quality standards or expectations of customers are acceptable. Customers’ opinions are highly valued and accommodated when procurements are made from suppliers. Customers’ health and their well-being are well catered for, in the day-to-day policies of the company’s business transactions. Foods that have preservatives are highly discouraged and is not common to find them in stores of this firm (Apollo Group, 2007).

Nevertheless, the challenges currently facing the firm are very many. The firm has put in place mechanisms to tackle competition by using the media to advertise its products and always keep the customers well informed of new products and other social development activities it is undertaking. The firm has also employed experts to forecast the future trend of the market and study other issues related to the global economy, politics, populations, and regulations enactment. This way, the firm is in a strategic position to reckon with the challenges facing it (Apollo Group, 2007).

In conclusion, a business that wants to be profitable and perpetually perform to the utmost satisfaction of its clientele must be prepared to reckon with external forces such as government policies, economy, population, politics, religion, culture, and technology innovations. Internally, there are many issues that managers must solve in order to sustain the business in a turbulent and competitive arena of global business giants. A continuous assessment of a firm’s preparedness to tackle these challenges is the best strategy that a firm can implement.

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