Consider the article or case study you read at the end of the chapter:Examine how the author of readings uses an outside source to helpaccomplish her/his purpose. Identify one source that is incorporated into the reading.Using the below questions, describe how the integrated source is used.What overall purpose does the source serve?(For example: provides background information, provides evidence, presents anargument or perspective on an issue, refers to methods or theories the author uses).Does the author’s use of the source help her/him accomplish the purpose you identifiedabove? If not, why not?How does the author “signal” that she/he is referring to an outside source?(For example: “signal” word like “according to;” in-text citation; explicit mention of thesource or author; direct quote)After the author mentions the source, does she/he provide further discussion of it?(For example: discussion of the source’s importance, an explanation of how the sourcerelates to her/his own ideas)Overall, does the author use this source effectively? Why (not)?Part 2Create an annotated bibliography entry based on your reading. I am looking for three parts:Citation of the article/case studySummary Assessment
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