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In our world, recognizing that individuals with disabilities are part of human existence, people must actively work to reduce inequities in society. People with disabilities often experience lower education levels and obtain fewer resources, and their health is not as important to them as people without disabilities. In many instances, they do not receive the crucial care one needs to survive. Eliminating these disadvantages among people with disabilities should be a critical aspect of society. The three ways the California Prison system can reduce disability disparities are emergency preparedness, institutionalization, and training dispatchers and police, which benefits mentally ill individuals to properly heal and reduces injustice in society.

Training those who focus on emergency preparedness in assisting those with disabilities, will help diminish the prison population because it offers various support accommodations. As the CDC workbook states, during times of emergency, disabled individuals have easy access to special needs. In addition, to understand this problem, the rhetorical device, logos can support this idea when it says, “to define, locate, and reach special, vulnerable, and At-risk Populations in an emergency: This CDC workbook is intended to provide public health and emergency preparedness planners with better ways to communicate health and emergency information to at-risk individuals. Disabled individuals could have access and functional needs for all-hazards events through step-by-step instructions, resource guides, and templates” [logos]. This study illustrates a clear reference of how it involves system-level responsiveness that assures that individuals with disabilities and their support systems are incorporated in all levels of preparedness, evacuation, and recovery by establishing adaptive strategies such as shelter accommodations on a community-wide scale. As expressed, this reform is a proactive, progressive policy that reduces the number of people in these facilities.

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Establishing institutions to treat the mentally ill, helps reduce the disabled disparities in the California prison system by providing a healing space instead of them rotting in prison. In the novel Just Mercy, as Stevenson explains, he uses pathos to demonstrate that without installing mental health institutions, “the inability of many disabled, low-income people to receive treatment and necessary medication dramatically increased their likelihood of a police encounter that would result in jail or prison time” [pathos]. This study illustrates a clear understanding of how the development of various health institutions will decrease disabled disparities and greatly impact the lives of prisoners. Without it, there is no proper healing, and the number of people incarcerated increases. As revealed, establishing institutions will assist in diminishing disabled disparities because if one with disabilities experiences a problem in their life, these institutions will affect their mental and physical health. It will also allow them to recover safely, causing the mass prison population to decrease.

There are a lot of concerns regarding how training dispatchers do not help to treat disabled disparities in the California prison system. These officers are known as training dispatchers and their job is to divert people with mental health issues who commit low-level nuisance crimes to these behavioral health centers. On the other hand, it is not helpful to reduce mass incarceration in California because it states that there is a “lack of accessible and appropriate mental health treatment in the society for mentally ill people and plays a part in society and affects perceptions of dangerousness by police, prosecutors, and judges; and in part, because prison staff, probation officers, and training dispatchers, fail to recognize and accommodate people with disabilities or mental illnesses.” This study illustrates that training dispatchers are required to identify if someone has a mental illness. This new way will not help decrease disabled disparities in the California prison system because if officers fail to recognize if someone has a mental illness, crime will still occur, and the disabled will still be mentally ill instead of getting treated. On the contrary, these statements about training dispatchers are incorrect because these officers are fully trained appropriately to recognize if someone has a mental health problem and perform the job with a master’s in training.

In California, through the action of installing institutions, training dispatchers, and emergency preparedness in society, these factors will play an important role in reducing mass incarceration by assisting those in need and decreasing disabled disparities. Emergency preparedness will help the idea of diminishing incarceration by implementing adaptive strategies for those in need. Training dispatchers will fully identify disabled people and place them in recovery when they need it. Lastly, institutionalization provides healing institutions where mentally ill patients can get properly healed before returning to society. These three ways will benefit people with disabled disparities and allow them to properly survive in a community instead of rotting in prison without regard for their help. Reducing disparities is a significant ideal, and if it is accomplished, people with mental illness will get appropriate treatment and properly flourish in Californian society.

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