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Jeffrey Wigand is an executive employee in a big tobacco company that prefers keeping its private information confidential. He finds himself playing a major role in the movie “insider” out of his intriguing character. The tobacco company chooses to keep every information undercover making the journalists yearn for more and more information concerning the company. One anchor in a local television channel gets the moral fiber to interview one of the employees in his “60 minutes” show. Being in one of the highest ranks in the company makes him the anchor’s favorite choice as an interviewee.

His interview with “60 minutes” depicts his open character and In the movie “insider”, his character is revealed in many instances for example when he talks about the effects of tobacco, he makes sentiments about cigarettes like “it is just a delivery device for nicotine”. Truthfulness just comes out from his heart as he confesses it “When I get angry, I have difficulty censoring myself and I don’t like being pushed around.” It is a trait that everyone looks for in others and develops other traits like loyalty, trust and also authenticity. Getting fired does not worry him much for he knows he did nothing wrong but what worries him most is how he will tell his wife about it.

A daily newspaper focusing on a story about a legendary athlete who mysteriously dies allegedly by jumping off from a balcony from his own house less than 5 meters high, brings in the big question “is it true that the cause of death is jumping from the balcony?” Here truth can only be told by somebody who possesses the character “truthfulness”. If only his character could be transferred to an eyewitness, in this case, many mysteries would be unraveled.

Recommending Jeffrey Wigand to anybody would be the easiest thing since his domineering character “truthfulness” is what everybody would be proud of saying and hearing about. A lot would be said about him when being recommended to others. One of the things is honesty that makes him trustworthy and loyal. This comes out clearly when he reveals a lot about the tobacco industry he works for and says that the boss lies to congress. Talking about the boss took him a lot of guts not even fearing to be fired for exposing the company’s secrets. Through the trait, integrity automatically reveals itself in him and makes him the favorable choice for many. He is also selfless and works for what is right and does not want to be pushed around by anybody not even the authorities above him.

Many would agree on Jeffrey Wigand to work for their companies that are after integrity and truthfulness as a requirement in employees for his good charming trait. He would ensure no hidden agendas continue behind the backs of high authorities although many would mistake him for a traitor. If all the workers had a character like that of Jeffrey Wigand, the whole world would be matching together towards integrity and success. His character would influence many in any company hence uplifting its welfare. Giving him the topmost rank would be the ultimate choice since those under his authority would easily be enticed by his “truthfulness”. Almost everybody would agree him to work in his or her company.

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