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The purpose of creating a joint venture between Jarir Bookstore and Mobily Telecommunications is to produce a new mobile device. Jarir Bookstore is the largest retailer of electronics and books in Saudi Arabia. In turn, Mobily is a telecommunication services company, offering the Internet and mobile telephony. In cooperation, these companies can produce a new device for reading books, making calls, and having access to the Internet. The device will have a touchscreen interface, an integrated camera for calls, and a range of reading options. It will use a mobile operating system to install the applications from both companies. This device will look like a mobile computer with a focus on providing customers with convenient reading opportunities.

Compared to smartphones and e-book readers, the proposed device will integrate the access to the Internet and electronic books. Today, a mobile phone is central for many people, who use it daily, but reading from the screen is not always comfortable. Customers need an integrated solution to their routine tasks. Therefore, the cooperation of Jarir Bookstore and Mobily seems to be especially effective in meeting their needs and exceed expectations. Among the distinguishing features of the device, there will be a bigger screen size, high-quality, increased battery life, and attractive prices. One of the versions of the product can be made waterproof, which is useful for its safety and a longer period of use. In the market of electronics, this device will be more valued due to its faster navigation and smooth experience, allowing connecting learning, business, and recreation.

The key benefit of the proposed product refers to a flexible format of reading and using the online resources. For example, if a person needs to read a boom and easily shift to the work-related discussion in social media, the device will be helpful. Students who need to read a lot of books and articles can also upload them to their mobile devices from Jarir Bookstore. In addition, the joint venture will allow making the prices affordable for customers. Namely, there can be several tariffs for the users of Jarir Bookstore and Mobily Telecommunications. The great variety of books is one more beneficial feature of the product.

The target market for the identified product is the electronic and mobile devices market. Currently, users have the products of Amazon and Apple that are expensive and have relatively low-resolution screens. The customers who purchase similar products have a limited choice of devices, which can be extended by means of introducing a new product. Accordingly, people engaged in business, students, and those who prefer convenient solutions will compose target audiences. Each of them can be offered a slightly different option to meet their needs. For example, a waterproof version can be delivered to those who love reading by the pool or in the bath. Premium materials can be used for more expensive options, targeting business persons.

The production and manufacturing of the proposed product will start with signing a joint venture agreement and the identification of contributions each of the partners will make. After that, the design, features, and costs of the product will be discussed. One of the factories located in Saudi Arabia will be contacted for placing the order. The materials for the device, including plastic, microchips, and so on, can be shipped from other counties, such as the US or UAE. It is expected that the production period will take approximately one year.

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