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I think taking risk is more important than planing carefully for success. I know that, many people who want to be successful think to plan carefully is safe, maybe it is can be true but if you don`t want take risk you can not get giant leap. I think successful people shouldn`t live stable life, their life should have a lot of increase and decrease. In my opinion, to take risk has several important advantages. First advantages about the opportunity. Opportunities are submitted by life for people. However, most of people miss the opportunity because they want to stay safely and suitable for their life plans. For example, most of person avoid the set up new company because they choose to work another companies for salary, in their opinion this situation is easy and safe. The second important advantages about the life boundaries. Every people have many boundaries, we can feel the boundaries our life giant boundaries. I want to give example in my family about the boundaries, my father works in Ministry Of Family but at first he had worked at Halk Bank which was a public bank while my father was working there but one day the bank was sold to foreigner company by Turkish government. I thought that this is a very good new because my father`s salary will be increased but my father wanted to work for government. Because he has a lot of plan for future and to many boundaries, he couldn`t destroy his boundaries .As a result, now my father is government employee and his salary is not high but he is a happy for this situation. The last advantages is about crisis management. If we don`t to plan carefully wa can face to many hardships. People can believe that this situation is very bad. Therefore, they want to avoid to take risk. However, if we face to many hardships we can acquire to ability to crisis management. I think this skill is the most important thing for the success. Because you can make many careful plan but life is not obey the your plans. Therefore, you must be ready for life`s rigors ,so we must have to ability to crisis management. To conclude, we should take risk. If our ancestors obeyed the their careful plans, they wouldn`t try to make fire. Moreover, if they didn`t try make a fire. we couldn`t have to comfortable life. Maybe we had to hunt a deer. Lastly we musn`t forget that when we make a plan for the future , the life smiles from over the clouds.

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