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Assume that you recently graduated with a major in Finance and you landed a job as a financial planner with a large financial services corporation. The organization where you work has a research-intensive, value-based philosophy of investment that could be summarized as “managing clients’ assets to earn maximum returns at minimum risk.” Your assignment is to manage wealthy clients’ assets. The minimum investment of each client is $100,000, and most of the investments are long-term (5 years or longer).

Write a paper of 8–10 pages, double-spaced, that discusses the following in detail:

  • Investment alternatives including diversified asset mix (bonds, stocks, derivatives, and so on) you would recommend based on each client’s needs and situations
  • Account management strategies (Include both passive and active strategies)
  • The state of the economy’s effects on asset management 
  • The impact of estate and other tax considerations to provide optimal financial outcomes

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