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International success

Global demand for the company’s products is increasing every day. Product research on Canada Goose Inc has proven that market awareness in countries with similar weather conditions is increasing in due time. Most of the countries in Europe and especially in Eastern Europe have similar weather conditions like Canada.

In this regard, customers in countries like Russia and the Scandinavian are now conversant with Canada Goose Inc products. Canada Goose Inc products popularity is now felt in the film industries, where the company’s cold costumes are preferred during filming in cold areas. The fact that the company’s retail business has expanded in more than 40 countries across Europe with headquarters in Sweden is encouraging (Lorinc, 2012).

The recent trade engagement between Canada and international trading associations has been critical for the Canada Goose Inc international success. The recent agreement between Canada and the European Free Trade association (EFTA) is an example of how the company is succeeding in international markets.

The trade agreement between Canada and the trading association has seen the company perform incredibly well in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Low-cost products from the company are now distributed and sold in Asia and the United States.

International failures

Cultural differences across potential market regions have resulted to the failure of Canada Goose Inc in foreign markets. From this perspective, the company has been unable to establish a universal brand image that reflects a common organization values. Canada Goose Inc has totally failed in enacting copyright laws that prevent piracy and counterfeiting of products (Bitti, 2011).

Canada Goose Inc has suffered immensely from this international problem especially in Asia and in the United States. Moreover, the company continues to suffer from lost sales derived from fake products made by foreign Asian companies.

There are concerns that the company has failed in its international mandate of observing animal rights as mandated by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). For example, the company has resolved to use coyote fur in manufacturing expensive products.

The failure of Japanese parkas products is associated with infringement of counterfeit products in the market. Consequently, the distribution network in Japan underperformed in a volatile and competitive market.

In recent years, the Japanese market has been flooded by products of similar design with original Canada Goose Inc products (Kopun, 2013). Trademark infringement is not only common in Japan, but also in other European markets.

The failure to maintain rising demand for Canada Goose Inc products has resulted to compromising of the products quality. This can be evidenced by the increasing cases of counterfeit products in the market. The company has also failed to maintain its market as evidenced by frequent out-of stock products. Canada Goose Inc is losing its market for lack of strategic internet usage.

By not utilizing technology in an era that heavily depends on internet for information, the company continues to use conventional methods in battling counterfeits (Wells, 2011). Moreover, copyright laws differ between countries making it difficult for the company to prevent product faking.

Another international failure for Canada Goose Inc is its expanded product line for other seasons. This means that the company is now risking venturing in foreign markets in America, Asia and Europe. This attracts stiff competition from other renowned brands and may risk the company into financial debts. Canada Goose Inc has failed by under-investing, in business communication, in markets with stiff competition.


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