Part 1 – 1000 wordsThe chief financial officer (CFO) of Barrington Products Company has asked the business systems team to put together a representation explaining the process that will be used to design and implement the new enterprise resource planning system.Identify and explain the process steps you determined are required to design and implement the new ERP system.Develop a visual representation of the steps:Part 2 – 1000 words Barrington’s vice president of finance has expressed concern that the new accounting information system contains the security and controls necessary for the prevention of fraud and abuse. Barrington has previously experienced unauthorized data entry breach into its payroll system. You and your team have been researching available guidelines that address security and controls necessary and specifically address the concerns of the VP of finance. You have found that the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) has developed the Internal Control-Integrated Framework, which includes these guidelines.Write a memo that includes:Discussing the COSO framework.Discussing how you might integrate this framework into the development of Barrington’s new accounting information system.Address the prevention of security breach into the payroll system.Part 3 – 500 wordsTo use ERM to evaluate an accounting information system, the team must recognize the importance of the internal environment at Barrington. Discuss what elements are important when identifying the internal environment at Barrington.

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