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In order to provide a successful work of the project team, and successful outcomes of the project, it is necessary to ensure the collaboration of the all members of the team and make sure that responsibilities, reward and charges are distributed. It is also important that the “key participants” of the project (designer, builder and owner) to be early involved and well aware of their responsibilities.

As well as the members of the project team shared the risk and reward structure during the building construction process (Cohen, 2010). In order to ensure the implementation of the conditions mentioned earlier, an integrated project delivery should be introduces into the project.

A vision statement of the team project

The main purpose of this project is to ensure quality and smooth work of the team. We are focused on the new comprehensive process of the work that ensures collaboration of all members of the projects. One of our purposes (to improve the work of the team) is to step outside the boundaries of traditional project management and provide work roles distribution between owners, architects, designers and builders.

We also focus on a new application of the design algorithm. Each member of the team should be involved into a decision making process, as well as feel free to communicate personal ideas to other members of the team. Free, open and direct communication among the participants of the project is one of the keys to success.

Phil Bernstein project management

During the KlingStubbins & Tocci Building Companies project Phil Bernstein implemented new strategies of the project team management. The project was based on the Integrated Project Delivery and BIM-enabled approach, “A key feature of IPD is early and ongoing collaboration by everyone on the extended design team—both in person and by using the digital model” (“KlingStubbins”, 2011, n. p).

Phil Bernstein, Autodesk’s vice president of building industry strategy and relations did this to foster higher levels of performance. The main principles of the new approach were:

  1. Early involvement of the “key participants”.
  2. Share of the “risk and rewards” between all participants of the project.
  3. Distribution of the project management.
  4. No litigations.

As Scott Simpson, principal and senior director at KlingStubbins, says:

Our firms are very savvy about BIM. Because we both have a lot of experience with it, we were able to approach Autodesk with a common strategy for the project. Once the project began, the two firms invited input from subcontractors, as well as a group of Autodesk employees, who regularly collaborated in the design review process through participation in an internal building advisory team (“KlingStubbins”, 2011, n. p.).

The usage of the shared model also enabled the team of designers to “to utilize a digital design-to-fabrication workflow” (“KlingStubbins”, 2011, n. p.) that made the work more interesting to them.

In addition, all participants of the project were directly tied to the work of other members of the team.

Unsuccessful tactics

At previous stages, Phil Bernstein used quite unsuccessful tactic of the project management to inspire the team to greater heights. For example, the members of the different team, such as the project designer’s team, architects and builders were not motivated to work together.

Personal approach

My approach would be to provide better internal business communication between the workers and members of the management team. In addition, the implementation of the BIM approach seems to be very successful. I would also care about the multi-party contracts and collaborative decision making and control.


Cohen, J. (2010). Integrated project delivery: Case studies. AIA National Integrated Project Delivery Interest Group. Web.

KlingStubbins & Tocci Building Companies (2011). Autodesk, Inc. Web.

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