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Neighbors play an essential role in society. In each community, there are different kinds of people. Many people bring different inputs into the city, good ones make your life tremendous, but bad neighbors can make your life hell. It can be more peaceful if all the neighbors respect each other, no matter what type of neighbor people may describe you as. Some neighbors can be alarming, and some neighbors only go to work and go home and don’t speak to anyone. There are three types of neighbors: the snitching one, the silent one, and the noisy neighbor.

The first kind of neighbor is the snitching neighbor. This kind of neighbor calls the police for everything that you do. If you are throwing a holiday party with your family and you are too loud, then these people will call the police because they say that you are disturbing or too loud for them. They have always been the annoying neighbor that you will never like. The people that snitch are the ones that also have their picks in the neighborhood. The snitch knows everything that’s going on in the community because they have cameras. They can also be called the neighborhood watch people, and they mostly are older people. The snitching neighbors can be good people because they only want the best for their community, and they want to prevent a lot of crime and other bad things that are happening outside of it.

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The second kind of neighbor is the silent neighbor. The quiet neighbors are the ones that most people would appreciate. They stay to themselves, and they have nothing to say about no one around them. This type of people that goes to work in the morning and comes back home. Most of these people don’t even speak to their neighbors, maybe because they are anti-social. Maybe these silent people don’t want to be a part of anything that goes on in the community. Everybody in the city is helpful in some way. These people bring peace into the neighborhood. If there are problems within it, they might not get involved in it, but if other people around them see that they’re not entertaining it, then it would lead others to do the same. Respectful as these people are, they are less likely to invade your space to be loud and rowdy.

The final kind of neighbor is the noisy type of neighbor. These neighbors may don’t know that they are creating a problem in the neighborhood, but they are. If you want to approach these types of people, you should be very respectful and politely ask them to be less quiet either because you want to sleep or because they are disturbing your children. The noisy neighbors can be very annoying. They may have several dogs that were always barking, or they can be having a party every weekend. These neighbors are most likely to be very friendly with everyone in the neighborhood. They want everyone to accept the fact they do not mean any harm to be loud. You have to be very respectful of these types of people, and they will understand.

In conclusion, many different kinds of neighbors contribute to the neighborhood, and that can be a good thing or a bad depending on what category you fall in.

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