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Say No To Drugs Few people deny the dangers of drug use, while many teens are curious about drugs. They should fail to abstain from drugs because drugs affect our health, and lead to academic failure. Drugs have been used for a long time in many countries. The concentration of drugs has increased since the late 1960s and 1970s. Drugs can quickly take over our lives. Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body and mind work. On the other hand, there are some causes and side effects of drugs. Drugs are not good for health as they have many side effects and they also damage our brain, heart, and other important organs. The types of drugs, causes, and disadvantages, and so on, I have discussed in upcoming paragraphs also.

Introduction –

A drug is a chemical that interacts with proteins in the body and affects many functions of the body furthermore, Drugs are used in medicines but due to some limits. That’s why we should take only that much medicine how much the doctors suggest to us. Especially to the kids. So that’s why the proteins also act as drug marks. It needs to be bound to a protein. It can be the idea of as a catch and input method; Where the drug is the input and the protein is the catch. Once the drug is bound in this catch and input device then it can have one of the two most key powers over the small room. It can produce a change in response or it can stop a normal response of the small room.

There is a list of different drugs and their actions in the body. Like Cancer, Pain, Infection, and many others.Many of the reasons that we see such a wide and different range of efficacies of drugs across people are that drugs work differently in different people. A drug will usually produce the same qualitative effect across persons, that is to say, it will produce the same results on the same side. But the amount of these belongings will be dissimilar. So that’s why some people may run through a shorter action of the drug or a more powerful side effect. Taking away the drug from the body is openly slanted by age Newborns and the aged understand the effects of drugs for longer and the drug takes a lot of time to be taken away from the body. When the babies are born to point their renal function is very quick to start similar levels to adults within one week after delivery. If the drugs are given before the renal function, at this level, the drug taking away from the body takes a lot of time and so do the effects of the drugs. The differences in our genes are also an important determinant of unevenness in what our bodies do the drugs. PEOPLE face many problems like liver and kidney pain because of drugs. During pregnancy, the process of drug taking away from the body becomes very difficult. Moreover, many drugs are known to be harmful. During pregnancy, drugs should be avoided like Alcohol and Cigarettes Smoke because these things are very unsafe for well-being.

History of drugs —

It Is not based on science and health harm, but most often because of some people who are perceived to be using illegal drugs. On the other hand, ‘’The Real History of Illegal Drugs ‘’ explains Why, When, And How some drugs became illegal. There are some drugs which are used in Coca–Cola. The drugs did not become illegal until 1985. As drugs have been physically abused for hundreds of years all over the world, their effects have been felt for just as long time. Since drugs have been used, there are always those who abuse them. As the physical and mental health suggestions became clearer. As a result, The history of rehabilitation in the United States dates back hundreds of years.

One of the beginning Fathers of America, BENJAMIN RUSH, was one of the first who believed that alcoholism was not a material of individual self-control but rather due to the alcohol itself. At the University of UTAH, in the past, addiction was treated as a criminal offense, with the demanding devotion–based prayer, but this signified a transfer to performance dependence as an illness that could be managed. In 1964, the New York STATE INEBRIATE ASYLUM, the first hospital intentionally to exclusively treat alcoholism as a MENTAL health condition, was founded. Nowadays, thousands of drug REHABILITATION programs offer a variety of treatment approaches. A major step for the REHABILITATION movement came in 1935 When Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson – founded Alcoholics Anonymous. From the AA format, various other branches formed, such as NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS [NA], COCAINE ANONYMOUS [CA], and MARIJUANA ANONYMOUS [MA].

Types of drugs –

Drugs can be categorized based on their effect on users. There are many types of drugs, each with its effects and dangers.

    1. Stimulants.
    2. Depressants.
    3. Hallucinogens.
    4. Dissociative.
    5. Opioids.
    6. Inhalants.
    7. Cannabis.
    8. Amphetamines.
    9. Ecstasy.
    10. Heroin.
    11. Cocaine. There are some other points of drugs that we will discuss ahead –

Drugs can be categorized based on their effects on users, there are some drugs that we have discussed in the above lines . Now we will discuss some effects and dangers or characteristics of drugs

1. Stimulants –

It impacts the body’s central nervous system, causing the user to feel as if they are “speeding up”.These drugs increase the user’s level of alertness and pump up heart rates, Moreover, blood pressure, and breathing. On the other hand, most doctors prescribe stimulants for [ ASTHMA ] because the drugs can open the breathing passages, but there is some limit to using the things where it is needed or how much needed, there are some conditions that are regarded as these. On the other hand, drugs can also help to reduce weight. Stimulants often come in the form of pills. Examples of stimulants include –

    1. Adderall
    2. Ritalin
    3. Synthetic Marijuana
    4. Cocaine
    5. Methamphetamine
    6. Ecstasy.

2. Depressants –

Like stimulants, depressants also impact the body’s CNS, but with the opposite results of effects, making the users feel as if things are “slowing down “. Thus, they are often called downers on the street.

On the other hand, Doctors prescribe some depressants for [ anxiety, insomnia, and some other medical issues that prevent the sufferer from fully relaxing. All these drugs are often a sedative experience to users, Moreover, making them a tempting choice for teens who wish to escape everyday stresses.

3. Alcohol as a depressants —

Alcohol acts as a depressant, making it a popular choice for users looking to relax. Although drinking is often associated with immediate bursts of energy after a sip, the user’s vital functions are inevitably delayed But overdosing on alcohol can cause severe toxicity and even it can cause death.

4. Tobacco as a depressants —

The main ingredient in tobacco is nicotine; this is a chemical that acts as both a stimulant and a depressant besides, Tobacco gives users a minor, immediate rush, which is followed by a feeling of relaxation.

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5. Risks of depressant abuse —

Depressants can be useful or better only when used properly, excluding, on the other hand, depressant abuse can cause issues in both terms, the long term as well as the short term. Higher risk of high blood sugar, diabetes, and weight gain.

6. Hallucinogens —

Hallucinogens work by disrupting communication within the brain. Users report intense, rapidly shifting emotions and perceptions of things that aren’t there. For example, a hallucinogen user might believe that they see a person speaking to them – When that person does not even exist. On the other hand, Hallucinogens come in many forms, which can be smoked, there are some pills also available, and even which were mixed into some beverages.

Risks of Hallucinogen Abuse —

There are some risks of Hallucinogen abuse which can have devastating effects that can last a lifetime;

    • Hallucinogen persisting perception Disorder, also known as flashbacks
    • Fear.
    • Paranoia.
    • Increased blood pressure.
    • Anxiety.

7. Dissociatives –

Dissociative distorts the user’s perception of reality, and can cause feel as if they are watching themselves from outside their bodies. Besides this, They may gain a false sense of invincibility, then they may engage in risky behavior such as driving under the influence. These drugs work by interfering with the brain’s receptors, which play a significant role in emotionality and pain perception. Dissociatives can be taken as liquids, powders, solids, or gases.

8. Cannabis —

Most commonly recognized as cannabis acts like a Hallucinogen, but also produces depressant–like effects. It is a schedule, which has a high increasing medicinal uses in the United States. Still, it is often abused by those who do not medically require it. Moreover, Cannabis can be smoked and even it can be eaten There are some risks of Cannabis abuse which can destroy lives and can have both short-term as well as long-term impacts on users ;

    • Lowered immunity to illness
    • Sedation
    • It also reduces sperm count in men
    • Depression
    • Slowed reaction times
    • Enhanced senses, such as seeing brighter colors

· Causes of drug addiction –

Drug addiction refers to the repeated use of drugs with the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when drug use ceases While the causes of drug addiction are not known, Genetic, Psychological, and environmental factors play a significant role. Rather than a single cause of drug addiction, It is likely multiple factors lead to drug addiction in any given person. Some drug addicts also identify drug use and ignorance as a cause of drug addiction. Like, If a person is dealing with pain–management issues, the drug they receive, like oxycodone, can be very addictive. The ignorance of drug addiction, along with the Physical pain of the condition, becomes a cause of drug addiction.

    1. A mental illness such as depression.
    2. Lack of friends
    3. Poor performance at work or school.
    4. Poor stress coping skills

Environmental causes of drug addiction –

Drug addiction is more common in environments where drug abuse is seen. Moreover, Children who grow up in homes with drug addicts can become drug addicts themselves. Because most drug use starts in teenagers only. Other environmental factors that can be causes of drug abuse include

    • Participation where drugs are encouraged
    • A peer group that uses drugs or promotes drugs.
    • Poor people are at greater risk of drug addiction
    • Gender contributes to addiction to some drugs.

Disadvantages of drug addiction —

Some people think everyone who takes drugs will end up dead, But others seem to think that drug use is not dangerous at all, In between it is true. Drug use can be never 100 percent safe, but not always dangerous. Drugs are not always the same. Different drugs have different dangers associated with them Some drugs such as alcohol and heroin have an effect that slows down the way the body and brain function. If the drugs are taken a lot then it is very dangerous Drugs like alcohol and heroin can lead to more and more accidents For People who have heart or blood pressure problems and are drug addicts it is very dangerous to their health. And of course, some drugs are legal to use and others are not.

Taking too much of drugs can lead to attacks and heart problems, it can lead to overindulgence. Combining drugs can also produce dangerous effects on other individuals

Conclusion —

More on Specific Drugs, No matter the type of drugs, all types of drugs have the potential to be dangerous. It is very important to talk to your loved ones about drugs, and how these substances container negatively impact their lives. There are several free resources to help facilitate discussion, including our comprehensive. So, we should talk to our friends about the side effects of the drugs these were used in some medicines also but in other ways, people use the drugs to complete their needs without knowing their side effects or bad effects on their bodies or health also. So, that’s why people should be aware of the uses of drugs because everything has some limits to using those things in our lives.

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